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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 275

"You know what?" An idea came to Abel's mind. "Since it's still possible to enter freely, let's smuggle our weapons inside first. Put it in one place and when our guys are in there, they can go to that spot to arm themselves. " "That works. I might squeeze Janie in," said Benjamin. "Janie? She's a woman. How is she supposed to carry the guns inside?" "There will be a performance before the auction. Janie can disguise as a performer, who can bring in her costumes and accessories. " "I can be Ms. Eastwood's assistant and carry her things around," Luca volunteered. "Are you sure?" Abel chuckled. "What if you run into your friends?" "I can do it. No one knows me anyway. " A sniper came forth. "Okay. " Abel nodded. Janie was overjoyed when she received a call from Benjamin. "Come to The Precipice right away. " "Now? Yes. No problem. " Janie dropped everything she was doing and drove to the mansion. When she arrived and saw the boxes of firearms, she slumped to the ground. "W. What are you doing? A bank heist?" "To save Emmeline

"Okay. " Janie was touched by Benjamin's kindness. "But promise me you'll come back alive

. " "I will. " "Waah!" Janie cried herself into Benjamin's embrace. But for once, Benjamin let her hug him. "Mr. Benjamin, you have to stay safe too. Don't get shot. " "I will. Don't worry. " Janie wasn't willing to let go of Benjamin. Benjamin had to pry her away. "Go now, Janie. Be careful. " "Okay. " Janie nodded. At noon, Janie came back. Everything went swimmingly. She passed the keys to Benjamin and said, "I even put numbers on them so that you can locate them. " "Good girl," complimented Benjamin. After he gave Janie a hug, she returned to Adelmar. At 4 PM, Benjamin and Abel took the invitation letter the auctioneer sent them as well as a 300-million-dollar cheque, and left for the Imperial Palace in separate cars