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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 276

As expected, Imperial Palace's security was tighter than ever. The censor could even detect metal implants, let alone guns. As it was for safety measures, nobody minded it. Abel and Benjamin passed through the security check successfully. Inside, the 12 elite guards split up and retrieved their weapons. They then went to their respective positions. The time was 5:40 PM, 20 minutes till the auction took off. To liven up the atmosphere, several pole dancers started performing. Abel, Benjamin, and the 12 elite guards remained still in their positions. Two other guards went to scout out Emmeline's room, to no avail. As all canaries were busy putting on their costumes and makeup. A round badge that had "No. 9" on it was attached to Emmeline's waist

What followed the initial gasp was a long silence, as everyone was busy admiring the absolute beauty before them. The face of each canary was half-covered in thin veils, which only added to their charm. "There once was a woman whose eyes outshone the star, whose body outcharmed the gems

. " A song was played. And for everyone present, it precisely described the way they felt now. "Yes. I need her," Everyone chanted. Abel and Benjamin focused hard. They needed to locate Canary No. "Emma!" "Emma!" Both men stood up. But so did everyone else