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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 277

The canaries had to close their eyes despondently. What they saw was a sea of portly, wrinkly men. And to think that after tonight, they would be their playthings. As Emmeline reopened her eyes, she noticed two men who stood out from the crowd. They were Benjamin and Abel. She wanted to call out their names, but she couldn't. Adam was gawking at her while rubbing his chin. Emmeline could only be his. Adrien did not deserve her at all. Meanwhile, Adam also took notice of Benjamin or Abel. But no matter, Adam needed them to be there. Because they were his targets tonight. The emcee appeared on the stage once more and introduced the canary one after another. When he reached Canary No

"Did you see that? Emma looks weak. She must be drugged. " "I saw

. " Abel typed. "We have to be careful. This is a trap. " "A trap that we have to run into. " "I will save Emma at all costs. " "Hey! That's my line. " Another performance was set up after the introduction of the canaries. Everyone waited with bated breath for the commencement of the auction. "Awoo!" People started to howl in the hall. Out of ego, perhaps. Their target? Canary No