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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 278

The see-through dress on Canary No. 9 was stoking everyone's desire. Under her veil, her vulnerable, helpless expression made anyone want to be the hero for once. The auction started in numerical order. "Canary No. 1, please come forward," said the emcee. A young female not older than 20 years old appeared. "Canary No. 1 is 84/60/84, 5'43" tall, and weighs 105 pounds. She enjoys reading, listening to music, and traveling. Her starting bid is five million dollars. " Within two minutes, the bid reached eight million dollars. "Nine million dollars, going once. " "10 million dollars, going once. " "15 million dollars. " "15 million dollars, going once

When it was Canary No. 9's turn, everyone stood up. Among the crowd, Benjamin and Abel stood out

. They were so young and handsome. All other canaries could only hope to be owned by someone like them. "Canary No. 9 is 84/59/85, 5'5" tall, and weighs 108 pounds. She likes to drink tea, exercise, and overthink. Her bidding price is. 100 million dollars!" A middle-aged businessman slumped back in his seat. Some fainted and had to be resuscitated by their assistants. And some started chugging their meds to calm their racing hearts. The mastermind must know how much money Benjamin and Abel carried with them. "We have 110 million dollars here. " "150 million dollars. " It was a war to see who had the thickest wallet