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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 279

Fewer and fewer bidders made the call. The price was getting absurd. "200 million dollars!" said a newcomer in the industry that no one knew. Obviously, he was a bidder the mastermind planted in the auction. "220 million dollars. " "240 million dollars," a famous tycoon bode. Everyone in the hall knew him. It seemed like he was determined to buy Canary No. "290 million dollars," said Abel. "300 million dollars," Benjamin followed suit. Half of their budget was gone. "310," The tycoon continued. "330. " "Wait!" The emcee interrupted. "300 million dollars is beyond our transaction limit. To ensure proper payment, all buyers who bid above 300 million dollars have to pledge their assets. " Abel gave Luca a nod and the latter went to settle the paperwork

They were having another mental warfare of their own. "560 million dollars, going twice. " Under his mask, Adam's face was as white as a sheet

. Did he just screw himself over? If the deal went through, he would lose 560 million dollars while they lost nothing. Unless Emmeline was not even worth 560 million dollars in their mind? "565 million dollars," uttered Abel slowly. Adam let out a sigh of relief. "565 million dollars, going once. " "Going twice. " "Sold!" Both Benjamin and Abel stood up. There was a new notification on their phones. 300 million dollars evaporated from Abel's account while Benjamin just lost 265 million dollars. It was a price they were willing to pay to save Emmeline. It was much safer too. They didn't want things to get violent here and went home with a criminal record. "Canary No. 9 belongs to Mr. Ryker! Congratulations!" said the emcee enthusiastically