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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 280

Abel then looked at Canary No. 9 with a wide grin. But that grin disappeared as soon as it appeared. She wasn't Emmeline. "Sold canaries, please go back and rest. Once the auction is over, your new owner will take you home. Let's proceed to the next canary," the emcee announced. Right then, Benjamin also noticed the fake Canary No. 9 they just bought. The mastermind had swapped the real Emmeline with another girl. Abel made a gesture to Benjamin to tell Benjamin that he would be on the move. Benjamin received the message and began to leave his seat while feigning nonchalance. Abel, on the other hand, snuck to the back door. They had to locate Emmeline before their enemies knew what they were doing. Luca then informed all elite guards to gather by the back door. "We got a fake canary," Abel told the sniper

That put him on high alert but he also caught a glimpse of Benjamin sitting comfortably in the seat. "Maybe I'm being paranoid here? Perhaps Abel went to the toilet or something," Adam mumbled to himself. On Floor 29

. Abel and the guards bolted out the moment the elevator door opened up. BANG! The guards shot first. "Mr. Abel," Luca called out. " We'll cover you. You go and look for Ms. Eastwood!" "Thanks!" Gunshots reverberated through the corridor. Adrien was coming up through the elevator. According to the script Adam gave him, he was supposed to arrive to rescue Emmeline. But when the elevator door opened, a bullet barely missed his face. Adrien was so scared that he covered his head and cowered in the corner