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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 281

Alone in his mental safe space, Adrien told himself that everything looked so real because Adam needed to convince Emmeline that she was in real danger. Without a few blood splats and bullets, how else could the urgency of the situation be conveyed? Yes, it must all be part of the plan. Or so Adrien thought to himself. Inside the conference hall, Adam looked at Abel's vacant seat. It was getting suspicious now. And when he looked at Benjamin, Benjamin was gone too. "Sir, there is a fight up there. " a staff member came to Adam. "What?" Adam jumped from his seat. "F*ck. I was tricked. " "What do we do now, sir?" "Go up, idiot. " "Yes, sir. " On the 29th floor. "Emma! I'm here for you!" Adrien shielded his face and headed straight to the ninth room, where Adam said he would keep Emmeline. Adam had thought to kidnap Emmeline once Adrien "rescued" her. But due to the sudden fight, his plan deviated. "Emma!" Adrien pushed open the door to the ninth floor. Abel followed suit

" Abel removed the ropes and tapes on Emmeline and dragged her out. "But Adrien. " said Emma

. "Forget about me. " Adrien lay in the pool of blood. "They won't do anything to me. I'll just say that I'm in the wrong place, at the wrong time. Abel, take Emma to safety. " "Emma, let's go. " But Emmeline stumbled to the ground when she took her first step. "What happened, Emma?" Abel helped Emma to get up. "That bastard gave me some anesthetics. I'm a bit weak now. " Abel didn't even ask for her permission and decided to carry Emmeline in his arms. "Give me your gun. You carry me. I shoot. " Abel looked at her in disbelief. "You can use a gun?"