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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 285

Emmeline said nothing. She knew Abel would never change his mind. What she could do now was to assist Abel. She silently took out the brooch from the dress and straightened the pin behind it. Worst came to worst, if Abel couldn't stand the pain of the operation, she knew of a way that could knock him out real quick. Before long, Luca came with the items Abel requested. "Help me," commanded Abel. "Me?" "Why? You want me to take the bullet out myself?" Abel frowned. "But Mr. Abel, I might faint. " "What?" "I can shoot. I can fight. But blood makes me faint. " Noticing the disbelief on Abel's face, Luca continued. "My father took me to a slaughterhouse once. I fainted before the animal did. " Abel was speechless. "Fine. I'll do it myself. " "I guess I can give it a try

"Disinfect the wound," ordered Abel. "Okay. " Emmeline was watching on the sideline

. Although Luca fumbled a bit, he performed the right steps nonetheless. After all, the personal guards took some first aid lessons. Abel's face turned white after the disinfection. He was in pain but he didn't want to voice it out. Emmeline took some tissue papers and wiped away the sweat beads on Abel's forehead. Abel seized the opportunity to kiss her. "This is the best painkiller there is," said Abel devilishly. Both Emmeline and Luca blushed, but for different reasons. "Light the rubbing alcohol to disinfect the scalpel. " Abel gave further instructions to Luca. The latter did what he was told. After a while, Abel gave the green light to begin the operation. Weird noises could be heard intermittently when the scalpel met the flesh. Luca's lips were trembling and Emmeline clenched the brooch in her hand. It was a scary moment. Abel still didn't utter a word but more sweat beads appeared on his forehead