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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 286

Emmeline wiped away Abel's sweat again. This time, she offered him a kiss herself. For solace. CHING. The scalpel hit a metallic object. The bullet, undoubtedly. "I found it, Mr. Abel. Bear with me. I'll dig it out now. " "Okay. " Abel nodded. Luca took a deep breath and cut deeper into the wound. "Tsss. " Abel sucked his teeth. As Luca continued the operation, Abel's face twitched uncontrollably. "Kiss me," Abel blurted out. Emmeline was stunned. "Kiss me, Emmeline. " Emmeline offered her lips once more. It wasn't just a peck. It was much longer than that. Abel grabbed onto Emmeline, his tongue entangled with Emmeline's. With one last push, Luca managed to dislodge the bullet from Abel's wound. He then passed out. Hearing the loud thud, the couple stopped kissing

Is Emma safe now?" Benjamin added. "Yes. " It was a succinct answer

. "I'll drop by to check on her. " Benjamin was concerned. "No need. I'm tired now. Emma too. We want to sleep," Abel declined. Sleep? Together? Benjamin had a bad feeling. But it disappeared almost instantly. He knew Emmeline very well. She was not one to sleep around and Abel was also a respectful gentleman. "All right. That's great to hear. I'll come tomorrow then. Let me know if you want me to buy something," said Benjamin. "Please take care of the kids for us. Tell them daddy and mommy are safe and that we will bring them back in two days. " Benjamin was envious of his relationship with the triplets. "Okay. " Benjamin nodded. After the call, Benjamin went upstairs and relayed Abel's message to the triplet. Abel sure acted more like a father than anyone else