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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 287

The kids were overjoyed to learn the good news. "Wow, Mommy is home!" "That's great; Mommy is finally safe. " "Daddy is genuinely a hero who can save Mommy. " Benjamin said, "He got hurt too. Later, you all need to thank him. Uncle Benjamin should thank him too. " Benjamin was truly grateful to Abel for saving Ms. Louise. It would be problematic otherwise. Although he also contributed to the rescue, he still thought Abel was a man worthy of Emmeline's trust. It's a pity that there was a lot of entanglement between them. When would the two be able to sort it out? "Go ahead. Get some wine from the cellar. Let's have a drink!" Benjamin spoke to the bodyguard broodingly. Alana learned about the entire situation at the Imperial Palace in the Ryker Hospital. She was aware that Emmeline had been successfully saved by Abel. She was the one who first proposed the Canary Plan for Adam. She was shocked that even this strategy failed to stop Abel. Naturally, Adam felt that his efforts had yielded a successful outcome. His greatest achievement was getting Abel to step down as head of the Rykers family. Adam had essentially fulfilled all of his goals by this point. He doubted that Abel could overcome the pressure; he had to step down with a debt of 565 million. It was almost a done deal. That said, Alana did not desire this outcome

He had felt worn out recently. Abel advised him to get some rest since everything had been going well lately. The security system at the mansion was excellent

. As long as the security guard did not let anyone in, not even a bird capable of flying in. Both bodyguards were startled when Alana abruptly stormed into the house. The six-foot-tall, muscular man actually jumped to his feet as they both gasped in surprise. "You both know I am, I'm Abel's fiancée," Alana interrupted before the bodyguards could say anything. "I'm here to see Abel. " The bodyguards remained silent. They surrounded her and gave her a close inspection. They also checked the gift she carried with her. By the time they were finished, they were certain Alana had no weapons on her. "Mr. Abel is still asleep. You can't disturb him," one of the bodyguards finally said. "I came to see him because I knew he was hurt," Alana said. She displayed the gift in her hand. The bodyguard rebuked, "It's precisely because Abel is injured and he needs some rest. " Out of the corner of her eye, Alana saw a pink veil on the sofa at that precise moment. Emmeline had worn it when she was on display at the Imperial Palace. Alana turned pale as soon as she caught sight of the pink veil. Of course, that veil belongs to a woman. Is Abel with a woman? If he did, that woman would have to be Emmeline!