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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 288

Emmeline's reunion with Abel following her rescue had been anticipated by Alana. She was still so incredibly jealous as she saw the scene. She wished she could catch Emmeline and tear her apart. Alana declared, "I'll go upstairs to take care of Abel. " She suppressed her jealousy, wore a forced smile, and said to the bodyguard, "How can a grown man not have a woman to take care of him?" The bodyguard replied honestly, "Miss Emmeline is upstairs. It's not appropriate for you to go upstairs. " "Are they…in the same room?" Alana asked anxiously. The bodyguard made a brief pause and thought for a moment. He was a bad liar, and he decided to answer frankly, "Yes, they’re both in Mr. Abel's room. " Alana inhaled deeply. Emmeline, Emmeline, how am I going to get rid of you? Why do you always get to sleep in the same bed as Abel? Despite being his fiancée and child's mother, I am not given that honor. Emmeline, you’re truly the thorn in my side. God forbid! I must get rid of you! Alana's hatred was unknown to Emmeline and Abel, who shared the bed. Last night, after Abel's wound was treated, the chef prepared some soup to replenish his energy and vitality. Emmeline fed it to him and ate a snack herself. After going through all of that, the two finally got into the big bed and slept next to each other. Abel awoke in pain in the second half of the night

She could make an antidote herself, of course, as long as she went back to Nightfall Cafe. "I don't know, probably. I just don't have any energy

. " "How can we dispel this?" Abel asked with concern. "I was told by other canaries that the effects of the drug would wear off in two to three days. It shouldn't pose a significant issue. " "That's good," Abel sighed with relief. Emmeline snuggled in his arms and said, "But I want to go back to the cafe. I'm not used to staying here. " "Why weren't you able to adjust to it?" Abel lifted her little face and said, "This is my house. What's there not to get used to? Have you forgotten that we spent almost two days trapped here the last time there was a security breach?" Emmeline said with a grievance, "And Alana found us later, I feel like it's immoral for me to do this. " "Immoral?" Abel laughed and said, "How is it immoral? I'm not married, and you're not married. We both feel something for one another. " "You’re engaged with Alana," Emmeline rebuked as she felt some bitterness in her heart. "That's not a problem; that's just…" Abel wanted to initially claim that it was just a delay strategy, but the sudden and severe pain in his arm caused him to grit his teeth. He inhaled a breath of cold air. "What's wrong?" Emmeline asked with concern