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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 289

Abel frowned and explained, "It hurts. It hurts so bad that my muscles are twitching. " Emmeline stood up and said, "The painkiller must have worn off. I'll go get some water and medicine for you. " "Can you do it?" Abel asked. When he noticed how frail she seemed, he felt bad for her. "I'm fine. I just lacked strength. I can still get water and medicine without a problem. " Abel helped her get out of bed by supporting her with one arm. Emmeline poured a cup of water, grabbed the painkillers, and returned to the bedside. Then, she gave Abel the medication as he was sitting up in bed. When the painkiller finally kicked in, Abel dozed off once more. Emmeline, meanwhile, was exhausted, so she curled up in his arms and fell asleep. Alana could not stand it any longer in the living room. She raised her long dress and prepared to ascend the stairs. The bodyguard stopped her and said, "Ms. Lane, you can't go up there. " "Abel is my future husband, why can't I go up there?" Alana responded while arching her delicate brows. The bodyguard said coldly, "I don't care about that. All I know is that Abel is resting, and no one is allowed to disturb him!" "Slap!" Alana slapped the bodyguard and reprimanded, "You've got a lot of nerves. Don't you worry that if I marry Abel, you'll be the first person I fire?" "If Mr. Abel really wants me to leave, there is nothing I can do about it," the bodyguard said while covering his face

I came to see you, but your bodyguard, he…" "Are you outside the front door?" Abel asked. "If so, could you kindly go? I don't want to see anyone. " "I have entered the villa

. I'm in the living room downstairs. " Alana pretended to say aggrievedly, "I was standing here for a while and couldn't breathe because of my poor health, and I felt anxious and upset. " Abel was at a loss for words. He frowned. What the hell is the security guard thinking? Why would he allow this woman inside? He said coldly, "In this case, you should hastily return to the hospital. You shouldn't stay here. " Alana cried as she said, "Abel, I took a cab all the way here. Please allow me to see you. I'm genuinely concerned for you. I brought you some nutritional supplements. Please allow me to go upstairs. I simply want to look at you. I promised that I just wanted to have a quick look at you. " Abel was speechless. Abel cast a quick glance toward his bedroom and said, "Wait there. I'm coming down now. " Alana was overjoyed. Abel is going to come downstairs and personally receive me? She rolled her eyes at the bodyguard and said, "Hmph! Slave!" The bodyguard ignored her and kept his poker face. A cold voice was heard from the stairs, "Who gave you permission to insult my brother?"