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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 290

When Abel started to descend the stairs, Alana and the bodyguard looked up. He had exited his bedroom without putting on a shirt to answer the phone call. He had one of his arms bandaged, and it was uncomfortable to put on a shirt. He was shirtless, Abel just exposed his muscular chest and arms and descended the stairs like a devil from hell. Alana had fallen into a state of shock. This was her first time seeing Abel shirtless. His sexy aura and strong muscles immediately captured her heart. She was unaware of Abel's question as greed and desire flashed in her dark eyes. "I'm speaking with you," Abel chided from a towering position in front of Alana. "I…" Alana finally replied, " Abel, I was just letting out a little steam. Your bodyguard was being mean to me earlier. " Abel sneered, "Really? My men always have good self-discipline. " "Well, ask him," Alana pointed her delicate finger at the bodyguard, "Did you just yell at me?" The bodyguard remained silent for a while. He reasoned that he should not argue with a woman, so he reluctantly lowered his head and said in a deep voice, "I'm sorry. " "That's settled then. " Abel understood that the bodyguard was not to blame. He was well acquainted with his bodyguards, but at this moment, he could not argue with Alana. "Why are you here instead of the hospital?" Alana replied, "I came to see you. I ran into Adrien at the hospital, he said you were injured. " Alana seized the opportunity to pounce on Abel

She became paler at the sight. Alana glanced at Emmeline from the corner of her eye. She feigned her frailty and said, "Abel, help me to the sofa

. My breathing is quick, and my heart is racing. I'm afraid it's the effects acting up once more. " Abel suppressed his disgust and reluctantly supported her toward the sofa. Alana was completely limp in his arms. It made it difficult for him to move a step. Helplessly, he bent down, picked her up with one arm, and placed her on the sofa. Just as he was about to get up, Alana extended her arms and encircled his neck. She said, "Abel, don't leave me. I feel terrible. I can't breathe; please save me. " Abel frowned and asked, "How could this be?" "Did you forget about my after-effects?" Alana panted heavily like a stranded fish on the beach, and she continued, "Abel, hurry up. Quick, I need CPR. If you delay much longer, I won't make it. " The situation was indeed urgent. Abel could not stand by and watch Alana die. He was forced to hold back his disgust. He inhaled deeply, bowed his head, and performed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on Alana