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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 291

Alana received CPR from Abel. Abel appeared to be embracing Alana from Emmeline's vantage point on the staircase. The two were passionately kissing on the couch. Emmeline was unable to hear what they were saying because of the distance between the living room and the staircase. All she could make out was Abel "kissing" Alana passionately. Emmeline's heart hurts so badly. She appeared pale and bloodless. She turned around and staggered back to the bedroom. She had the sudden impression that she no longer understood Abel. This man could actually go from passionately kissing her last night and making out intimately with her to repeating the same thing with another woman. Is this the kind of man you are, Abel? Did I misjudged you? Alana caught a glimpse of Emmeline leaving with a defeated expression through Abel's arm. Humph, Alana sneered coldly in her heart. Abel stood up, and his expression was cold. He said, "You're fine now. You should leave. " "But Abel…" "Don't you hear me when I tell you to go?" Abel said sternly while furrowing his brows. He felt as though he had eaten more than a hundred dead flies after performing CPR on her. He was so disgusted that he wanted to throw up. Alana was at a loss for words. The bodyguard hurriedly went to answer the security guard's call at this precise moment

I should give her a little more time to sleep. Benjamin brought Canary No. 9 into the living room

. She was astounded by Abel's attractive appearance and strong build when she first saw him shirtless and with his arm bandaged. She had been watching him at the Imperial Palace auction, but they were far apart and it was dark. She can only make out his handsome feature lines and bright eyes. Now that she was so close to him, she noticed that her breathing became tense and that her heart was racing wildly. "Who is she?" Abel looked intently at the woman and asked Benjamin in a cold tone. The girl's beauty and the fact that she looked identical to Emmeline astounded him. She is not as stunning as Emma. No woman could truly compare to Emma in this world. "Mr. Ryker, don't you remember me?" Canary No. 9 ran toward Abel and threw herself into his arms. She said, "I’m the one you bought for 565 million. From that moment on, I belong to you!" "Slap!" Alana charged forward and gave the woman a slap. "Where did this vixen come from? How dare you throw yourself at Abel? You’re shameless!" "You’re the one who has no shame!" Canary No. 9 raised her hand and unceremoniously returned that slap to Alana. She chided, "I'm Mr. Ryker's 565 million dollars! Are you even worth that much? Certainly not! You b*tch! Bah! How dare you strike me!"