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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 292

"You…" Alana made a vicious attempt to attack that woman once more. Canary No. 9 lifted her beautiful leg and kicked. Alana was sent flying back onto the couch. "Abel, are you going to stand there and watch her bully me?" Alana cried as she questioned. "You are the one who started it," Abel rebuked, frowning impatiently. After giving Alana CPR, Abel was unable to get over how disgusting it was. Abel felt a little better after seeing Canary No. 9 unceremoniously slap Alana and kick her. Canary No. 9 hid behind Abel. She hugged his uninjured arm and asked, "Mr. Ryker, who is this woman? What makes her so haughty? How could she strike me the moment she saw me?" "I am Abel's fiancée!" Alana yelled and jumped up from the couch again. Canary No. 9 tilted her head playfully and asked, "Fiancée? Has a marriage certificate been issued for you and Mr. Ryker?" For a brief moment, Alana was silent. We hadn't even hosted our engagement banquet, never mind the marriage certificate. Canary No. 9 said smugly, "Haven't, right? You're nothing without a marriage certificate. " Alana growled angrily, "Where did you come from? Get the hell back where you came from as soon as possible!" "I told you, I belong to Mr. Ryker!" Canary No. 9 snapped back, "His home is my home! You should go instead! You! Do you understand?" Alana was speechless. She turned to face Abel again. She wondered, "Abel, where did this vixen come from? Is she not crazy?" Abel looked solemn as he asked Benjamin, "Mr

" Lizbeth smiled sweetly and said, "Thank you, Mr. Ryker. I’ll remember you

. " Abel's expression softened a bit, "It's alright. I'll have my bodyguard take you back to Altney. " Lizbeth nodded graciously and beamed broadly, "This is great! Emmeline is my idol. You must take good care of her. " "I will for sure. " Abel nodded. Then, he instructed the bodyguard to escort Lizbeth back to Altney. "Where's Emma?" Given that Emmeline was not in the living room, Benjamin questioned. He asked Abel, "Is she okay?" Abel responded, "Emma is fine. She's sleeping upstairs. " "I'll go see her," Benjamin said, and he was ready to go upstairs. Abel grabbed Benjamin and stopped him. He said, "Wait. I said she's resting. " Benjamin remained silent. Is her clothing in disarray? Did they spend the night together? Since Abel was hurt, he surely wouldn't have the energy. Furthermore, Ms. Louise had consistently upheld her moral integrity, so it was unlikely that they would. Before Benjamin could figure it out, Emmeline's pleasant voice came from upstairs. "I'm up already. "