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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 294

Emmeline sat in Benjamin's Bentley. Her body was trembling as Benjamin removed his coat and draped her with it before encircling her in his arms. "Everything is behind us, Emma. You're fine now. " He kissed Emmeline's soft hair on top of her head. The only places I could kiss Emmeline are probably here or on her forehead. The opportunities for me to kiss her forehead are so rare that they could be ignored. Even if I tried to give her a brotherly blessing by kissing her forehead, Emmeline would dodge it. She not only avoided it but also reprimanded me. She would also kick and hit me, but every time it happened, I felt happy inside. Benjamin felt bitter this time around. He could see that she was hurt and that her heart was broken. She must have observed Abel and Alana engaged in some activity. If I tried to defend Abel at this point, Emmeline wouldn't accept it. Instead, she would become upset, believing I'm supporting Abel. She would think that it had only been a few days, but I had betrayed her and "sided" with Abel. Although he had as much faith in Abel as he did in himself. Since Benjamin was well aware of Emmeline's psychological makeup, he had to console her rather than stand up for Abel. Benjamin whispered gently, "We're going home now. It's all in the past. I'll be with you, along with the kids, Daisy, and Sam. We are a family, Emma, so don't be sad. You still have us

They should look for her instead of wasting time looking for her phone. They always had the option to buy a new phone and get a new SIM card, but if something happened to her, there would be no making up for it. "Let's go and buy you a phone

. " Benjamin instructed the driver to turn around. Soon the Bentley made its way to the city. Benjamin picked out a limited-edition phone worth over 30,000 dollars for Emmeline in the store. However, Emmeline chose one that was just over 3,000 dollars. Mr. Benjamin knew she did not want to show off, so he went along with her. Emmeline obtained a new SIM card from the carrier service center located inside the store. Eric Carr, Benjamin's personal assistant, personally delivered the ID cards since they were required. Once everything was set up, they went back to the cafe. It was already noon. Emmeline said to Benjamin, "You should go pick up the kids. I miss them too. I haven't seen them in days. " Benjamin asked, "Shouldn't you make the antidote? When the kids return, you won't be able to care for them because of how frail you appear to be right now. " Emmeline said, "It won't be a problem. I can cook for the kids first. " Benjamin was a little worried, and he said, "But your strength…" Emmeline laughed, "How much strength did I need to cook? I'm not butchering a cow. " "Okay then, but you must be careful not to overdo it," Benjamin said, looking pitifully at her. "Hmm, I know," Emmeline nodded. I always felt comfortable around this classy and refined man