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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 296

"Abel and I were their intended targets," Benjamin said, leaning against the doorframe. Daisy questioned, "Abel and you? Why?" "The Palace Lord targets Abel because he envies his standing in the Ryker Group. He's after me because I frequently show up by Emma's side. " Sam and Daisy were both taken aback by Benjamin's speculation. "You're saying Adrien did it, then?" Benjamin said, "Of course not. Adrien lacks the balls, as Abel said. " Emmeline gazed at him deeply and reasoned, "Then it must be Adam. The mask-wearing man has always reminded me of Adam. " Now it was Benjamin's turn to be surprised. He asked, "You're saying Adam is the Palace Lord of the Imperial Palace?" Emmeline pouted and said, "It’s just my guess. They look similar, but we have no reason to take action against Adam due to the resemblance. " "Right," Benjamin nodded, "I'll look into it. " Emmeline said, "The children should have their meal for now. Daisy and I will prepare more food for everyone else. " Benjamin said, "Maybe you should take it easy. You don't have much strength. " Everyone in the room began to worry about Emmeline after he said this. "What's wrong with Mommy?" "Are you injured?" "Are you sick?" Sam and Daisy asked together, "Ms. Louise, are you being poisoned by vampire dust?" Emmeline said, "Yes, that’s the name of the drug. It's fine; I'll prepare a remedy after lunch. " "Alright, let's check the lab to see if any ingredients are missing; if we do, I'll go buy them," Daisy said. Emmeline said, "I'll check later. We should cook now. " Benjamin wanted to order takeout from the hotel but was overruled by Emmeline

Sam was cleaning the first floor and preparing to open for business. Emmeline emerged from the basement and helped her. Sam said with concern, "Ms

. Louise, you're very weak. You shouldn't be doing this. I can handle it. " "I don't have anything else to do. I'll think of this as a workout," Emmeline said. "Emmeline, are you back?" A voice was heard from the other side of the glass door at that precise moment. Emmeline and Sam looked through the glass door and saw Julianna. Julianna was not alone. She was followed by two men who appeared to be bodyguards and a strong middle-aged woman. Julianna had pushed the door open before Emmeline could respond. The bodyguards and that middle-aged woman squeezed into the cafe together. These people came with bad motives. Sam thought. Darn it! Ms. Louise was stubborn and refused to let Benjamin leave the bodyguards with us. Coincidentally, Daisy isn't here either. Trouble has found its way in. It's all up to me now because Ms. Louise is poisoned by vampire dust and unable to fight or have a lot of strength. Sam threw the tablecloth to the side and rolled up her sleeves