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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 297

"Auntie Julianna, what brings you here?" Emmeline smiled while maintaining her composure. "Am I not allowed to be here?" Julianna sneered coldly. Emmeline also sneered back, "What are you talking about? As a café, we obviously welcome each and every one of you, but since we haven't yet opened, we can't entertain you. Why don’t you go somewhere else to kill your time, Auntie Julianna?" Julianna sneered, "Emmeline, don't play dumb with me. You should be able to guess why I'm here, right?" Emmeline’s beautiful eyes were filled with mockery, and she said, "Auntie Julianna, why would I be interested in guessing what's on your mind?" "Fine, I'll tell you. " Julianna sat down on a chair. She was about to speak when Sam waved the tablecloth she was holding. Sam said, "Move! Please step aside! The chairs haven't been cleaned, and we haven't been open in days. Now, the dust has accumulated on it. " Julianna hurriedly got to her feet. She patted her bottom and then turned to check her attire. She wore a dress that cost tens of thousands of dollars. She would be devastated if it became dirty. Julianna was no longer willing to sit down after this interruption. She chose to carry on talking while standing, "Emmeline, are you aware Adrien was shot by a gangster while he was attempting to save you?" Emmeline nodded. Without thinking twice, Adrien had sprinted over to my aid, and he had indeed been shot

Despite her frailty, she made a loud and sharp noise. Julianna shivered in fear, and she yelled, "What is it? Do you want to challenge me?" Emmeline snorted, "Why shouldn't I? How exactly do my kids suffer alongside me? Which of your eyes noticed their suffering?" Julianna countered, "It's obvious. You are just a commoner with a meager income

. How can you compete with wealthy families like us? Naturally, the kids are in worse shape with you than they are with us!" Emmeline bellowed angrily, "Take back your nonsense! The children are mine. Who do you think you are?" Julianna raised her brows and stomped her feet. She snarled, "I have the right to take them back for my son because I'm the children's grandmother. " Emmeline also raised her eyebrows and rebuked, "My children don't have any grandparents, and neither do they have a father. You had better get out of here!" "Are you telling me to leave?" Julianna's cheeks flushed with rage. "Why not? This is my turf!" "The door is right there," Emmeline said, pointing to the entrance. Julianna refused to admit defeat, and she stated, "Are you saying the children have no father?" "As far as I'm concerned, they don't. What's the problem?" Emmeline shot back while placing her hands on her hips. Julianna stomped her feet in anger once more, "Are you a hermaphrodite then? You can have children without a man?" "That's my business. It has nothing to do with you," Emmeline pointed at the door again, "Get out!" Julianna started to throw a fit, saying, "Emmeline, you've told me to leave numerous times. Is that how a younger generation should treat their elders? Luckily, I have no intention of letting a woman like you into our home. Otherwise, the Meriwether Mansion would be turned upside down!" "Bah!" Sam stood in front of Emmeline and spit at Julianna, "What the heck is Meriwether Mansion or Kaliwether Mansion? Do you think Ms. Louise gives a damn about it?"