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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 299

Julianna exclaimed in surprise, "Adrien? You were shot. Why are you not recuperating in the hospital, as you should be?" Adrien said angrily, "If my bodyguard hadn't told me, I would still be in the dark. Who gave you permission to bully Emmeline and the children?" Julianna explained, "Son, don't be a fool. I'm doing this for your sake. I'll get those children back for you right now!" "I wouldn't do something like that! Why should I take those kids away from Emmeline, who went through so much to raise them?" Julianna roared, "Have you lost your mind? They're your children!" Adrien pushed his mother away and stood in front of Emmeline, saying, "They are also Emma's children. Anyway, I won't allow anyone to bully them, not even you!" Adrien's unexpected arrival caught Emmeline off guard. He even confronted his mother to defend her and the kids. Her heart raced as she noticed how masculine and righteous his demeanor seemed. "Emma, don't be afraid. " Adrien wrapped his uninjured arm around Emmeline and said, "I'll look out for you and the kids. I wouldn't let anyone bully you, not even my own mother!" Julianna roared in rage, "Adrien, what has gotten into you today?" For the first time, Julianna noticed her son taking himself very seriously, like a proper man. She was not used to it. She was used to her son listening to her. "Adrien, you can have the kids, but not this woman. Granddad is right. Emmeline is a femme fatale who would cause disaster. Look at how she's getting you and Abel into trouble. Especially Abel, who lost 300 million and is still unsure how to make it up. His position as CEO is at stake!" Adrien said, "Abel did it to save Emma

Ben casually waved his hand and moved aside to deflect Sam's powerful kick. Sam chided angrily, "Mr. Benjamin, why are you stopping me from attacking this scoundrel?" "Things have changed," Benjamin explained

. He had heard Adrien's earlier reprimand of Julianna and promised to protect Emmeline. Benjamin had the sudden impression that this playboy who sat around all day might not be all bad. Julianna's expression darkened due to her intense rage. She said to convince her son, "Adrien, you saw it yourself. Emmeline has hooked up with Abel and Mr. Benjamin from Adelmar Group. How on earth could you defend such a woman?" Adrien refuted, "This is my business. Please don't meddle in my affairs. Just go!" "Adrien!" Adrien waved his hand impatiently and said, "Please go! You should go now. If there is anything else, we can discuss it at home. " "Hmph!" Julianna glared at Emmeline and stormed off in a rage. Julianna was quickly followed by Yvonne and the two stumbling bodyguards. Daisy had come back at this point. She noticed the mess and Adrien's presence next to Emmeline as soon as she walked into the cafe. Daisy charged forward and gave Adrien a hard slap across the face without saying a word