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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 300

"Slap!" Adrien was struck so forcefully that he collapsed into Emmeline's arms. Emmeline was too embarrassed to push him away. She felt compelled to hold him. She interrupted Daisy as she prepared to strike him once more. "Daisy, stop! You've misunderstood him!" "Misunderstood?" Daisy gestured at the broken tables and chairs on the ground and chided, "Is this me being misunderstood?" Emmeline clarified, "You did. He wouldn't be able to do this, he's injured. Do you think he'll be able to pull this off even in good health?" Daisy acknowledged that she had actually misunderstood Adrien after giving it some thought. That was beyond Adrian's capability. "Ouch, it hurts! It hurts!" Adrien groaned in pain while he stayed in Emmeline's arms. Emmeline frowned and asked, "What's wrong?" "My wound has ruptured. The pain is killing me. " Adrien pulled himself out of Emmeline's arms and glanced at the shoulder of his suit. It had already been drenched in blood. Benjamin said, "It looks serious. I'll take you to the hospital. " Adrien looked down at his blood-stained clothes. He was so in pain that he was about to faint. Benjamin ordered his assistant, "Eric, quick! We need to send Mr. Adrien to the hospital. " Adrien did not want to ruin his reputation in front of Emmeline by saying, "I have a driver. There's no need to bother Mr. Benjamin. " Emmeline said gently, "You need to visit the hospital so that your wound can be treated, I'll stop by to visit you later. " Adrien was overjoyed, "Really? Do you really mean it, Emma?" Emmeline nodded, "Mm-hmm, I do

Her beauty enthralled Benjamin. "Is the antidote ready?" Benjamin asked and took a deep breath. He was not allowed to enter the underground lab

. Despite working for Robert, he was not a disciple and was therefore unable to participate in medical research. Emmeline said, "I've taken it. The antidote was effective, but I estimate that it will take twelve hours for my strength to return. " Benjamin said, "This time, I won't listen to you. I'm not going anywhere; I'll just stay here with you. " "Alright," Emmeline said, "You can help me take care of the kids. I'm going to take a nap now. " Benjamin nodded. "No problem. " He knew that Abel must have been in terrible pain last night when he removed the bullet himself. Emmeline must have taken care of Abel all night, she desperately needed to catch up on sleep. Benjamin shut the door for Emmeline as he saw her fall asleep in the bedroom. He emerged, sat on the living room sofa, and used his phone to check the latest military news. Emmeline had fully regained her strength the following day. She was the energetic little sun once more. After breakfast, she bought some desserts and went to the hospital to visit Adrien. Adrien was receiving an IV drip. He was so thrilled to see Emmeline enter his ward that he wanted to sit up from his bed. Emmeline set the dessert down and held him down