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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 301

"Get out! Leave now, all of you," Adrien commanded, waving to the bodyguards and nurses. Adrien made an attempt to take Emmeline's hand after everyone had left. Emmeline moved away and hid both her hands behind her back. Adrien asked with a grieving frown, "Emma, can you consider that I risked my life to take a bullet for you and risked my life to help you yesterday, and let me hold on to your hand?" Emmeline shook her head and bit her lip. "How could you be so cruel?" Adrien grumbled, and he was almost in tears, "Please don't add more pain to my heart given that I've been seriously injured. Can't you just let me hold your hand?" Emmeline thought about it. Adrien had been physically harmed; she should not have caused him emotional harm too. Emmeline pouted her mouth and said, "Just for a second. " "Okay, just for a second," Adrien nodded eagerly. Emmeline held out one of her delicate hands. Adrien grabbed it. Before he could feel her warmth, her hand had already slipped from his palm like a fish. Adrien's joy quickly turned to bitterness. "Emma, you're heartless. " "Emma, you have no idea how bad it hurts inside. " "Emma…" Adrien's sadness turned into endless nagging. Emmeline frowned and threatened, "If you keep nagging, I'm leaving. I came to see how you're doing. How could you pull these tricks on me?" Adrien quickly said, "Emma, don't go

Adrien said softly, "Emma, I know you despise me, and I don't blame you. I mean, you're so perfect. I'll change, Emma, I swear

. I'll stop all of my bad habits. I'll make a good husband and father if you and the children can accept me. For the rest of my life, possibly even several lifetimes, I'll protect and serve you and the kids. " Emmeline still remained silent. She was not easily moved, but Adrien's words were indeed sincere and sensible. Emmeline could not help but get a little emotional. This man isn't that bad when I think about it. In addition, the children are exceptional, indicating that their father's genes are sound. Did I only see one side of Adrien? Emmeline tilted her head. She looked at Adrien and thought about the whole situation from various angles. A nurse entered the ward at that point to change Adrien's medication. Quentin, the attending physician, had also arrived. Quentin's eyes lingered on Emmeline for a moment when he saw her. Then he asked Adrien, "Mr. Adrien, are you feeling better today?"