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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 304

Adam sneered, "Didn't you consider this when you helped me? Do you feel sorry for him now?" Alana said, "That's not what we agreed on. All I was hoping for was your help in getting rid of Emmeline, and you want her to be your sister-in-law. We didn't decide we would directly go after Abel. " Adam rebutted, "My target has always been Abel. Emmeline is just a tool to deal with him. " "Adam, I won't agree with you completely targeting Abel, but I can accept Abel being impacted slightly to deal with Emmeline," Alana said. Adam snorted, "Do you have the final say? Remember that I have a lot of your leverage with me. You better shut your mouth or bear the consequences!" Alana was at a loss for words. Indeed, I had way too much leverage in this ruthless man's hands. Alana could not help but inhale a breath of cold air. "Additionally, I was informed by my subordinates that a perpetrator in the Brookwater Wellness Center incident had been apprehended," Adam continued. Alana exclaimed, "No, that's not possible! I’m doomed if word of this incident spreads! There have to be no more loopholes since everyone accepts the paternity test results! According to what I've heard, the nurse's name is Kendra Walsh. She was there when Emmeline gave birth. It's just a coincidence that she was transferred to Struyria Hospital the next day and later married a doctor. " "Kendra Walsh?" Alana's complexion turned pale when she heard the name. Timothy was taken in by Kendra the last time he ran away from home. Could this woman happen to be Kendra? The fact that they share the same name can't just be a coincidence, right? I doubt it's a coincidence. She must be the same Kendra. It makes sense why she kept asking me odd questions. Now that I've thought about it, I wonder if Kendra is suspecting me? Alana almost wet her pants due to her fear

" Adam continued, "Besides that, book me a flight ticket. I need to meet with Abel's overseas business partners. " "Yes, Mr

. Ryker!" Vice President Bennett of the Global Department of Ryker Group knocked on the CEO's door four days later. "Come in," Abel's cold voice was heard from the room. Even though his arm was still bandaged, Abel had been back at work for three days. Vice President Bennett bowed slightly and said solemnly, "Mr. Ryker, I've got some bad news. " Abel said as he looked up from the paperwork with a calm expression in his dark eyes, "What is it? Just shoot!" "Some of our regular foreign business partners abruptly announced they would be ceasing operations. " For some time, Abel remained silent. Then, all of a sudden, he raised an eyebrow and asked, "What is their reason?" Vice President Bennett explained, "They say it's because of the epidemic, but according to my investigation, the situation isn't that serious. " Abel put down his pen and replied, "No matter the reason, we need them to get back to work as soon as possible. I urgently need the money, we couldn't postpone this quarter's receivables. " Vice President Bennett said, "Mr. Ryker, I understand. I'll take care of it immediately. " Abel said, "Wait, book me a flight ticket now. I want to personally deal with this!"