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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 305

"Of course, Mr. Ryker. I'll go with you!" Abel nodded and said, "Alright, we need to get this done as soon as possible. We can't waste even an hour!" "I agree, Mr. Ryker!" Vice President Bennett left the president's office to get the secretary to book the earliest flight ticket available. Abel sat in his large office chair and frowned. Why did this issue come up at this particular time? What a coincidence for several business partners to announce a temporary suspension of operations. Although the contract allowed a brief suspension due to uncontrollable circumstances such as pandemics and weather, their timing is suspicious. I desperately needed their payments to alleviate the danger of Ryker Group’s capital chain rupture. They somehow run into difficulty right now, is that right? Abel became more convinced that something was wrong as he gave it more thought. He needed to identify the root of the problem and find a quick, effective solution. Otherwise, how could he revoke his grandfather's military order? Meanwhile, at Ryker's residence, Oscar was listening to Adam's nonsense due to Abel's military order. Adam said, "Grandad, this news is 100 percent trustworthy. Our overseas business partners have suspended their operations, and it will take months to resume production. Our group's capital chain will be in grave danger if we don't get their payments soon. " Oscar remained silent but nodded gravely. Adam complained, "Abel must take responsibility because he signed the military order with you. He’s such a disappointment. How could he put the needs of our family aside in favor of saving that little witch?" Oscar remained silent, but he appeared gloomier. He grunted, "Hmph!" Adam was pleased with his achievement. He continued to add fuel to the flames and stated, "Anyway, I don't trust Abel's work ethic, the same goes for many of Ryker's top executives

Abel is the best candidate to take over the company. I have personally chosen and trained him. Why is he such a letdown? Oscar said with his eyes closed, "Adam, you should leave now

. I'll make a decision. " Adam was a bit worried and he said, "Grandad, Abel has signed a military order with you. " Oscar said impatiently, "Of course, I’m aware of that. At the end of the day, I'll definitely take that out and make him give up on the Ryker Group!" Adam remained silent but was secretly delighted. Abel's position as CEO would obviously go to me once he gave it up. Meanwhile, Adrien is a weakling who isn't up to the task. "I get it, Grandad. I'll leave now. You should get some rest. " "Alright," Oscar responded, and the old man waved his hand with his eyes closed. Adam added, "A friend just sent me some premium supplements. I'll bring them to you later. " Oscar nodded and said, "Hmm, you're filial. Leave now. " Adam left Ryker's residence with great joy in his heart. Abel, let's see if you can survive this time!