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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 306

Oscar called Lewis and Rosaline following Adam's departure. The couple arrived in a hurry at Ryker's residence in less than thirty minutes. Rosaline managed to bring Oscar some homemade cookies despite the urgency. Lewis was uneasy about this. His father would not just randomly invite them over. It must have something to do with their son. Lewis went straight to the point, "Dad, tell us what's going on. " Rosaline offered the snacks to Oscar and concurred, "That’s right, Dad. I made these sugar-free cookies for you. Please try it out. Oscar had no appetite for cookies. He said, "Put it aside for now. " Rosaline and Lewis felt worse about this. "Are you aware of Abel's situation?" Oscar questioned him gravely. The situation with Ryker Group's overseas business partners was unknown to the couple, but they were aware of Abel's accomplishments. Lewis said, "Dad, ever since Abel took over the business, he has run it superbly. I didn’t praise him because he’s my son. Everyone can see how successful he is and I think you're aware of it too. " Rosaline chimed in, "Yes, Dad. Under Abel's direction, the group has grown several business channels and brands

Everyone, get ready!" … Two days later, Emmeline was performing stunts at the studios. Her phone rang right after they were done with the scene. Emmeline picked up the phone and saw it was Timothy's number

. She quickly answered the call and asked excitedly, "Timmy? How are you?" A cold and silvery voice came through, "I’m Mrs. Ryker. Can we meet, Emmeline?" Emmeline remained silent for some time. Her heart skipped a beat, and she asked, "Is something wrong with Timothy?" Rosaline said, "My grandson is doing well. It's about Abel. " "Abel? What happened to him?" Emmeline inquired while experiencing anxiety and a tightness in her chest. Rosaline sneered, "How could you not know? Has his favor slipped your mind? My son had spent a fortune to save you!" Emmeline said solemnly, "Auntie Rosaline, I'm listening, just explain what's going on. " "Let's meet and talk. I had to borrow Timothy's phone because I don't have your number. " Emmeline said, "Okay, I still have some work to do, but I should be finished in about an hour. Tell me where you'd like to meet, and I'll meet you there. " Rosaline said, "Meet me at the Nimbus Hotel. There’s a tea room on the west side of the first-floor lobby. " Emmeline nodded and said, "Okay, I get it. "