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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 307

The tea room in the Nimbus Hotel's first-floor lobby was designed with hotel guests' needs in mind. Rosaline picked this location because it was quiet and there were fewer chances she would run into acquaintances. After she finished the last action scene and changed her clothes, Emmeline rode her bike to the Nimbus Hotel. She noticed Rosaline was waiting for her when she entered the tea room. Rosaline had her hair pulled back in a loose bun and was wearing an elegant red dress. Apparently, she looked elegant and someone from a privileged background. Emmeline sat down opposite Rosaline. The tea artisan next to them poured two cups of tea for them before she stepped away. Emmeline took the initiative to call Rosaline, who was older than her, in a respectful manner, "Auntie Rosaline, what did you want to see me about?" Rosaline went straight to the point and chided coldly, "I want you to stay away from Abel. You've caused him a lot of trouble!" Rosaline's statement astounded Emmeline, she was surprised Rosaline would say this. She said with a smile, "Auntie Rosaline, I think you misunderstood. I have never bothered Abel. " "Abel is going to be kicked out of the Ryker Group because of you!" Emmeline was startled and exclaimed, "What? What happened?" "Abel saved you with 300 million from the group. He signed a military order with his grandfather. Now, the company's cash flow has been severely impacted, and his grandpa wants to execute the military order to make him leave the company with nothing!" Emmeline was at a loss for words

The Rykers alone had given her ten million dollars twice. The Wonder Doctor only accepted cases from the world's most powerful and influential individuals. The doctor had made far more than just 300 million per year

. Rosaline remained silent. "You have to decide between the 300 million dollars and persuading old Mr. Ryker. " Rosaline could tell Emmeline was not joking because of the cold, serious expression on her face. How did Emmeline know about Wonder Doctor and ask for his help? This was beyond my understanding. That being said, I shouldn't be worried about that now. My purpose is to solve Abel's problem and make Emmeline leave my son. Rosaline said, "300 million. I don't want to beg him. " Emmeline nodded, "All right, but on one condition. "