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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 311

Abel's cold gaze fell on Douglas's face. He threatened, "Doug, should I expose the truth for you, or are you going to tell the truth yourself? Once more, Douglas yelled to Oscar, "I…Old Chairman, I'm innocent!" Abel chided as he violently slammed the table and said, "How dare you deny your wrongdoing? I bet you wouldn't give up until I showed the proof!" He turned to look at Luca and commanded, "Show him the evidence I've gathered!" "Yes, Mr. Abel. " Luca took out a roll of printed invoices and presented them to Oscar. Abel explained, "This is evidence that he accepted bribes. I'll let the two deputy general managers give their own explanations as to why they did so and who offered them the bribes. " Pryce and Douglas collapsed on the ground. They knew it was game over for them. Abel had obtained the proof after learning that they were taking bribes. This man was truly terrifying! Oscar turned to face Douglas with a dark expression. He said, "Doug, tell me what's going on?" "I…" Douglas secretly cast a glance at Adam. Then, he lowered his head and said, "Abel has always been decisive and domineering. I wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to get rid of him because I didn't feel comfortable working with him. " Abel asked in a low voice, "Who is the mastermind? I'll give you one last chance!" Adam, who was watching from the sidelines, trembled a little. He felt Abel had suspected him. Douglas stammered, "There isn’t any mastermind. I received bribes from rival businesses that hoped to hire me with high salaries

" Adam furiously left as soon as he saw the situation. He was aware that this was another defeat. All of them submitted to Abel after he ended the military order crisis and fired two senior executives

. His dominance, decisiveness, and ruthlessness were beyond the capabilities of the average person. Oscar left the building after taking a brief break in the president's office. Abel got up from the chair, grabbed his suit, and went in search of Emmeline. Sam informed him when he arrived at the Nightfall Cafe that Emmeline had left for the studios. Abel hurriedly rushed to the studios. There were a lot of action scenes in the last few days, mainly because Emmeline was trapped in the Imperial Palace a few days ago and Director Faughn had postponed the action scenes to wait for her return. Emmeline was still dangling from wires at the studios when Abel arrived there. She wore a white dress and gave the impression of a goddess. Director Faughn said, "Cut! That's a wrap!" Emmeline slowly descended from the sky. Abel walked up to her and said, "Emma, I'm here to pick you up. Do you want to have dinner?" He received a cold look from Emmeline, who then apologetically said, "Sorry, I don't have time. "