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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 312

"I know you're busy now; I'll wait for you in the car until you're done," Abel said with a gentle smile. Emmeline said with a cold expression, "I have something else to do after shooting. You don't have to wait around for me. " Abel was at a loss for words. He felt a tightness in his chest and furrowed his brows. Emmeline has a very icy expression. It's totally different from the affectionate moments we shared a few days ago. Does she feel this way because she got envious when she saw Alana visit me at home? I did nothing with Alana. I'm innocent. Abel inquired as he attempted to take Emmeline's hand. He asked, "Emma, what's wrong? Is it my fault? I'm sorry. " Emmeline said as she cast a chilly glance his way and explained, "It's not your fault. I have to see Adrien in the hospital, and I think you should leave. " Abel said, "What a coincidence! I'd like to go see Adrien too. Should we go together?" Emmeline replied, "No. I don't want Adrien and Alana to get the wrong idea about us. " Abel felt stunned when he heard this. He asked, "Emma, what do you mean?" Emmeline explained calmly, "I know you care about Alana's health. Nowadays, I care a lot about Adrien's health too. " Abel was briefly startled. The look in his eyes grew darker, and he wondered, "Emma, are you serious?" "Hmm," Emmeline nodded. Then she clarified with a deep gaze, "I really appreciate you saving me from the Imperial Palace

" Abel smiled lightly and said, "Adrien, I don't like desserts. I'm not going to try them. " Adrien felt a bit disappointed

. "Oh, right. I remember now. Only I enjoy desserts out of the three of us; Adam and you don't. Grandma spoiled me and treated me like a girl when I was young, which helped me develop the habit of enjoying sweets. " "How exactly is that a bad habit?" Abel quickly comforted Adrien, saying, "There's no gender distinction when it comes to loving sweets, it's just a personal preference. I liked sweets when I was a kid, but I grew out of it as I got older. " "Yeah, that's true. " Adrien asked, concernedly, "You're hurt too, is it serious?" "My injury is underneath my suit and shirt, there is still gauze and bandages," Abel said with a smile as he slowly lifted his injured arm. Adrien said, "You're really something; you're already up and about, even though you're hurt. " Abel had always been the most resilient of the three brothers. He never cried or ran to his mother when he fell; he overcame difficulties on his own. Abel was not chauffeured around while they were in school. Instead, he commuted between middle and high school on his bicycle. Adrien and Adam were different. Their respective chauffeurs picked them up and dropped them off at school. They had been protected by bodyguards since elementary school. Abel said, "It's the same bullet, but your wound is worse than mine. It's perfectly fine for you to stay in the hospital for a few more days. "