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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 313

Adrien said shyly, "Yes, I hope Emma can visit me again. " Abel was speechless. In Alana's hospital ward located next door, Quentin had his hands buried in the pockets of his white coat and said in a low voice, "I saw him. Mr. Abel had entered Mr. Adrien's room. " Alana’s expression turned dark. Abel would rather see Adrien than me. I'm certain he wouldn't spare me even a glance once he left Adrien's room. I couldn't let Abel leave the hospital just like that. After giving it some thought, Alana said to Quentin, "I need you to go to Adrien's room. " It was lost on Quentin. He kept looking at Alana because he did not want to leave her just yet. Quentin was unable to engage in an intimate relationship with her, but he was still able to look at and touch her. Alana said, "You should do as I say. The nurse will come to get you soon. " Quentin was still puzzled by Alana's intention. Alana coaxed him and said, "Please go. " Quentin finally pinched her bottom and nodded, "Fine. " He turned around and headed to Adrien's room. Abel and Adrien were chatting casually when Quentin entered the ward. Quentin greeted Abel at once, "Mr. Abel. " "Hmm," Abel nodded with an icy expression. Quentin asked, "Mr

Anderson is here. " "Uh-huh," Alana nodded. Quentin told Abel, "It’s not a big deal; just a few breaths of oxygen will do

. " "Hmm," Abel nodded. Alana signaled for Quentin to take off her oxygen mask out of fear that Abel would leave. Quentin pretended to check the time and said, "Alright, I can take it off now. " He removed the oxygen mask from Alana's face. "I'm much better now. I think I’m fine. Thank you, Dr. Anderson," Alana said weakly. Quentin played along and said, "I have to take care of you. You shouldn't be overly polite to me, Ms. Lane; just concentrate on getting better. " Alana said, "Hmm, I'm fine now. You guys can leave now, I need to speak with Abel. " Quentin and the nurse left the ward. He closed the door on the passing. "Have a seat, Abel," Alana said softly as she patted the edge of the bed. Abel replied with a cold expression, "I'll stand for a while. I don't have much time. " Aland fell silent. Although she initially appeared dejected, she soon smiled gently. She asked, "What brings you to the hospital? Are you here to see me?"