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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 314

After a brief pause, Abel replied, "I came here to see Adrien. " Alana inquired, "Oh, is Adrien feeling better?" Abel nodded, "Hmm, he’s much better now. " Alana said, "I heard Emmeline visited him, and she bought Adrien desserts. Adrien asked Emmeline to feed him. She seemed to have fed Adrien the dessert. They were laughing, and they appeared to be having a great time. " After a moment of silence, Abel smiled faintly and said, "Really?" Alana said, "Yeah, I was just taking a walk in the hallway and heard them clearly. Adrien even joked that no matter how sweet the dessert, it's not as sweet as Emma's lips. He said, "A kiss from her tastes sweeter than honey". " Abel's demeanor changed, he appeared dispirited. Are Emma and Adrien really this close? There's no surprise there, given that they have children together. When Alana noticed Abel's dejected expression, she sneered and continued, "Emmeline has been very worried about Adrien lately. Maybe she will drop by soon. " Alana kept adding oil to the flames. She wanted Abel's jealousy and anger to burn fiercely so that seeing Emmeline would make him angry. As expected, Abel grew more upset. He said, "Well, I should probably head out at this point. I've work to do at the office. " He strode out of the room and flung open the door before Alana's response. He happened to see Emmeline arrive, and she was about to open Adrien's door

He hugged Emmeline tightly. Emmeline was startled, and she shouted at him, "Hey, Adrien, what are you doing!" Adrien lifted Emmeline into the air and stated, "I’m going to lift you up and lift you high. " Emmeline blushed and threatened, "Put me down

. I'll get angry if you don't behave!" "Please don’t be mad at me. Don’t be angry. " Emmeline was quickly set down by Adrien. His expression was one of indulgence and joy. "I'm so happy. It’s worthwhile to take that bullet!" Emmeline sternly reprimanded, "Don't say that. I don't want you to get shot, no matter how bad you are. " Even Alana, who lived next door, shouldn’t get shot, no matter how bad she was. Adrien chuckled and said, "Emma, I'm not a bad guy; I'm just simple-minded. When I was younger, Adam or Abel would tease me, but I never got back at them because I couldn't outsmart them, haha. " Emmeline could not help but burst into laughter too. I'm beginning to think Adrien is really cute. This man is naive, that much is true. He could be the kind of simpleton that resembles a husky. Emmeline thought about this. She began to visualize a husky with Adrien's head. "Hahaha," Emmeline couldn't help but burst into laughter