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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 316

"Absolutely not! He wouldn't do that!" Adrien replied on behalf of Alana with a smirk. "Only when he is with his parents, the woman he loves, or the gods does Abel ever kneel. Abel is not in love with Alana. " Alana's face became so pale that it appeared almost transparent. Abel would never bow down for me, and I am aware that I am not the one. Abel's beloved is Emmeline, right? Unfortunately, Emmeline missed out on the opportunity to receive Abel’s proposal. Firstly, Abel will get engaged to me. Secondly, Emmeline had agreed to Adrien's proposal. Hmph, who cares if I'm not the one Abel adores? He's with me, isn’t he? Emmeline, all you can do is be envious of me. … Abel went back to his workplace. His secretary knocked on the door before entering his office. Without looking up, Abel rubbed his forehead tiredly and asked, "What's the matter?" "Mr. Ryker, a visitor from Altney City, has been waiting for you in the VIP room," the secretary informed him. Abel frowned and turned to face his secretary. He wondered, "Altney City? I didn't have an appointment today. Who is it?" The secretary explained, "She said her name is Ms. Murphy, and you've saved her. " Suddenly, Canary No. 9 came to Abel's mind. He questioned, "Oh, you mean Mur…?" He could not remember the name of the girl, but he did recall that she resembled Emmeline. The secretary said, "Lizbeth, she came with her brother. They're here to express their gratitude to you

" Abel explained calmly, "Ms. Lizbeth had luck on her side. Lizbeth asked, "By the way, how is Ms

. Emmeline doing? I remember she was given something that left her feeling weak all over. " Abel said, "She's fine now. I appreciate your concern. " "Ms. Emmeline is not only stunning to look at, but she is also exceptionally smart. She is well-liked by everyone," Lizbeth said. Abel chuckled. Emmeline was clearly charming, that much was clear. Lizbeth said to Flynn, "Flynn, when you meet Emmeline, you'll be in awe of her beauty. She’s a beauty in her own class!" Flynn grinned and said, "I'm really excited to meet her. " "Mr. Ryker, can we meet Emmeline? The two of us had gone through thick and thin," Lizbeth blinked her big eyes and wondered. Abel said, "Well, I can't promise that. I need Emma's opinion on this. " Lizbeth said excitedly, "Can you ask her if it's possible? Finn will treat all of us to dinner. " Flynn said, "If you don't mind, I have a gift to present as a repayment for the money spent on saving my sister. "