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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 317

"Hah," Abel smiled. "There's no need for all that. I didn't particularly care for that money. Saving your sister had simply aligned with my interests" "That's still five hundred and sixty-five million," Flynn said. "Are you actually just going to let it go down the drain?" "Yes, Mr. Ryker," Lizbeth cut in. "My brother's gift might not be worth more than fifty million in its current state but it'll be able to grow and be equal in value in a few years. " Her words piqued Abel's curiosity. "What are you trying to say, Ms. Murphy?" "This is what I mean. " Lizbeth got up to retrieve a document from her briefcase before placing it down on the desk in front of Abel. It was a deed of gift. He immediately came to understand the meaning behind her words the moment he scanned through the document. What the pair of siblings were presenting to him was a large company. Abel knew it was a branch company belonging to the Murphy family of Altney in Struyria. He frowned. "You're both part of the Murphy family?" "Yes. " Flynn nodded. "Paul Murphy is our father. " Abel was aware that he was talking about Paul, the richest man in Altney. "But…" "If that's the case, you should know that the Ryker family and the Murphy family have had dealings with one another," Abel said. "Yes. " Flynn smiled. "If memory serves me right, the Murphy and Ryker families talked about a marriage union. " "That happened," Abel said with no hesitation. "It was a union between Ms. Evelyn and a man of the Ryker family but the Rykers vetoed it as they didn't need the marriage to bring them to new heights

Are you alright with making Ms. Emmeline jealous?" "Don't mess around, Liz!" Flynn cut her off. "Alright then

. " Abel nodded. "Five hundred and sixty-five million is not a small amount. Money doesn't grow on trees either. I'll take the company. As for you, Ms. Lizbeth, there will be no need for all that. " "I knew you would come around, Mr. Ryker!" Flynn said. "We should contact Ms. Emmeline and we can all go grab a bite together. " "Yeah!" Lizbeth clapped. "Flynn has been waiting to see Ms. Emmeline who's famed for her beauty. " "I'll ask her," Abel said to the pair. He dialed her number while the siblings waited patiently. Emmeline had just entered the elevator. He failed to reach her with the bad signal. He called twice in a row to no avail which had him frowning. He had noticed Emmeline entering Adrien's ward before he left the Ryker Hospital. Is she…busy with something? He shut off his phone and turned back to the pair of siblings. "Em is a little busy right now. We'll just let her be. "