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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 318

"That's a pity. " Lizbeth pouted. "Maybe next time then. " Flynn was optimistic. "Let me host today," Abel said. "You both traveled far after all. You're the guests here. " "We'll take your kind offer then. " Flynn was more than open to the suggestion. Abel then made reservations for a private room at the Nimbus Hotel and went there with the sibling duo. … Adrien was doing somersaults on his bed in excitement once Emmeline left the Ryker Hospital. He could barely calm himself until his wound began to throb in pain. Emmeline was allowing him to propose to her. It was a happy occasion for him! He had to thank Adam for creating the opportunity for this to happen. It was Adam's repeated use of heroic schemes which allowed him to successfully impress the woman. It was a tried and true method throughout the ages after all! Adrien gave his brother a call. Adam sounded impatient the moment the call connected. 'What is it this time, Adrien? Can you stop going around giving me heart attacks?" "Adam," Adrien started, tone happy. "I'm not calling to worry you this time. I wanted to invite you out for drinks!" "Drinks? What for?" Adam launched into a tirade. "You're injured

" Adam ended the call. He was just thinking about what color he should wear when his phone began to ring. It was Alana

. Restless impatience washed over him. What is this b*tch cooking up this time?! He didn't want to pick up her call but he had to know what she was up to. What if it had something to do with him? They were far too closely involved with one another. He answered the call. "Mr. Adam," Alana started. "I have news. I'm not sure if it's good or bad. " "Cut the cr*p. " He frowned. "Get to the point. " "Emmeline is allowing Adrien to pursue her hand in marriage," she said. "That's a good thing. A woman as good as her shouldn't be with Abel!" "What about me?" His phrasing displeased her. "What if I married Abel?" "I already told you. You're the bearer of ill luck that ruins him!"