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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 319

" Alana rolled her eyes in exasperation. She didn't have much time to argue with Adam. "You'll need to clear a path for me if you don't want Emmeline to take advantage of Abel, Mr. Adam. " "What does that mean?" "What's the situation with Kendra?" She asked. "As long as she's out of the picture, Emmeline's marriage with Adrien would be a stable one. Kendra's existence threatens that!" "That's a trivial matter. " Adam smiled coldly. "She may have gotten away the last time but I'll make sure she's disposed of once my men find her. " "Make it sooner rather than later!" Alana continued. "Once that woman is gone, Emmeline will marry Adrien. The dust can finally settle!" "You…" He scoffed. "What about me?" Adam took a long drag of his cigar. "You're a vicious woman. It'd be a waste if you aren't there to mess with Abel!" "Hmph. Well, we'll be in contact again, Mr. Adam. " Adam had no time to spare entertaining Alana. The moment the call was done, he got dressed in his suit and drove to Nimbus. His brother cleaned up much less than he did. Despite the longer distance, they both pulled up at the parking lot at the same time

Both he and Adam were different people. Adrien cared little for who was in power. It was all the same to him no matter who was in charge as long as he got his share of the dividend at the end of the year

. Adam was not the same. Adam believed he would be the head of the Ryker family from the tender age of fifteen. Everyone including his parents and Adrien believed the same. That was until Oscar made a sudden announcement five years ago that Abel would be the one to spearhead the Ryker family. The new successor was then sent abroad for intensive training. That was a sore spot that Adam never got over. His parents also despised Lewis Ryker, his wife, and most of all, Abel. It was only Adrien who didn't dwell on it because he had always known he'd never be in line to lead the family. That was why he didn't care. Adrien was quick to explain himself, "You know I'm always on your side, Adam. You're my brother!" "That's better. " His anger somewhat abated. "But I'm just telling you the truth," Adrien continued. "Abel has been doing a good job with the family. " Adam had nothing to say to that. He shared the sentiment. He also believed he could do better if he were the one in charge! Abel casually skirting by the threat left him angry. The two brothers chatted as they walked up to the hotel