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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 320

The porter noticed the approaching Ryker siblings and immediately humbled himself. "Mr. Adam. Mr. Adrien. " "Hm. " Adam nodded coldly. The duo had made their way inside when Adrien suddenly returned to speak with the two doormen. "You both get a bonus today. One thousand each!" Their jaws dropped. "Wow! What's the occasion?" The doormen would've fainted from excitement if they weren't still needed at their posts. "Are you crazy?" Adam turned around to question his brother. " Why are you going out of your way to offer rewards for nothing?" "It's a good day after all," Adrien answered. "Bonuses should be given when they should be given. " Their chatters eventually brought them to the front desk of the lobby. The manager and bellboys were to greet them with polite bows in an instant. "Good day, Mr. Adam and Mr. Adrien!" "Yes, yes. " Adam waved them off. "Thank you everyone for your hard work!" "Everyone will get a bonus today!" Adrien announced from behind his elder sibling. "And I mean everyone including the cleaners!" Everyone was taken aback. They had been excited at first when Adam acknowledged their hard work. The icing on the cake was Adrien announcing that he would be giving them a bonus. His words had them abuzz with life! "A b-bonus, Mr

Abel!" "I hear everyone congratulating Adrien for something. Was he here?" "Yes, sir," the manager answered. "Mr

. Adrien are already upstairs. Are you all here for the celebration?" Abel was confused. "What celebration?" "You're not with them, Mr. Abel?" The manager asked. "No. " He gestured to the pair of siblings behind him. "I have guests. " The manager greeted Flynn and Lizbeth. "I thought you were here to celebrate Mr. Adrien announcing his marriage. " "Marriage?" Abel was taken aback. "Who is he marrying? I haven't heard anything about it. " It's Ms. Louise, the one who birthed Mr. Adrien his three sons," the manager said joyfully. "He was so happy, he gave everyone one thousand dollars each!" ". " He was shocked by the news. Emmeline was going to marry Adrien?! Even Lizbeth was in disbelief. "Mr. Ryker…? Isn't Emmeline your lover?" ". " Flynn was confused as to why Abel's lover had birthed three sons for another man