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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 321

Abel's expression turned frosty. He took a deep breath. "Let's go grab a bite first. " His words come out harsh. "Mr. Abel. " Lizbeth tugged on his arm. "Please don't be sad even if Emmeline decides to marry someone else. You still have me. You bought me. I have a reason to be by your side. " "Liz!" Flynn chided. "Stop fooling around!" "I'm not fooling around!" She fluttered her lashes. "I mean what I said. Mr. Abel is single now. So, why shouldn't I try shooting my shot?" "You'll have to go through your sister, Evelyn first," Flynn said. "The Murphy and Ryker families have an established marriage union. "Grandma says I should be the one who's involved in the marriage pact with the Rykers. Evelyn isn't a daughter of the Murphy family anyway. " "Liz!" That riled him up. "Shut up!" It was only then that Lizbeth realized she had said too much. They were still out in public view after all. She poked her tongue out in a childish manner. Flynn turned to smile awkwardly at Abel. "I'm sorry about that, Mr. Abel. Lizbeth is still young. There's much she doesn't know yet

Even Sam was taken aback. "Mr. Ryker? Can I help you?" "Where's Emmeline?" He asked with a scowl

. "Busy planning for a wedding?" "Planning for a…wedding?" Sam was confused. "Are you and Emmeline finally getting married? That's great!" "Hah, I wish. " He scoffed. "Where is she?" "It just so happens that she's out back tidying up the garden on the terrace. " Abel didn't say another word. He sped up the steps. Luca trailed along. Sam left her station to ask in a low whisper, "What's going on with Mr. Ryker over there, Luca? He looks pissed. " "You're asking me?" He shrugged. "Don't you think you should be asking Ms. Emmeline instead?" Sam stuck out her tongue. The raging hellfire that was Abel was already upstairs. She'd be the bravest soul alive if she went to ask herself. It's exactly because she didn't know that she was asking Luca. "Luca…" Sam poured him a cup of coffee. "They can do whatever. We should talk…" Emmeline was currently watering the plants while humming a tune. She was happy that today's filming had gone well. That was when the watering can was snatched out of her hands. The act startled her. What surprised her even more was seeing Abel blazing in fury before her as he picked her up. Her toes left the floor. She was about to resist when she remembered how he was still injured. She suppressed her rising anger. "Are you crazy? Can you not appear out of nowhere?!"