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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 322

"Oh, I'm sorry for ruining your good mood," Abel scoffed. "What does that mean?" Emmeline shoved his hand aside. "What did I do this time?" "You don't know?" He held her wrist in a tight grip. "Stop it with your innocent act, Emmeline. Are you going to make me congratulate you before you admit to it?!" "Congratulations?" She was shocked. "For what?" "Haha. " He laughed coldly. "You're quite the actress, Ms. Emma Emmaline Louise. Everyone at the Nimbus Hotel already knows about it. I'm the only one left in the dark!" You can stop your worthless act. No one else is here to see it!" "Shut your mouth, Abel!" She flushed with anger. "I would not be going easy on you right now if you weren't injured!" "Oh, really?" He snorted as he tilted his head threateningly. "I'm hurt both physically and emotionally for you, you hateful little woman. How heartless are you to drop me like yesterday's trash?" Emmeline was completely taken aback. Was Abel talking about her? Was she that unbearable? Sam, who had managed to coax information out of Luca raced up the steps. The first words out of her mouth were, "You're marrying Adrien, Em?" ". " Emmeline turned to Sam in astonishment. She was staring at the girl as if she had grown a second head

"You're asking me? Why don't you take a closer look at yourself?!" "What's wrong with me and Alana?" Abel raised a brow. "You two were kissing on the couch!" She was close to tears. The mere memory was a stab to her heart

. ". " Abel's jaw dropped. "Excuse me, what do you mean you saw us kissing?" "I witnessed it with my own two eyes!" She said enraged. "You're still trying to argue?" "You're unbelievable!" "I'm unbelievable?" She was so exasperated she was in tears. "You and Alana are getting engaged. You can't deny that, can you?" "I'm not denying it. It's just different from whatever you've got going in your mind!" That's just my way of buying time! "How is it any different?!" She stared up at him. "You're engaged. There's no other explanation. " "I don't want to explain anything either. " Abel also felt powerless. "Perfect. " She nodded. "We'll go our separate ways, Mr. Abel. I'll also be engaged to Adrien!" What is wrong with this woman?! Who wants to be your wife?!