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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 324

"Mummy, we won't hate Daddy," Sun spoke up. "Abel is our Daddy," Moon added. "Mummy and Daddy must have misunderstood," Star said. Emmeline gave Abel a cold expression and asked, "Abel, tell the kids, did we misunderstand something?" Abel lowered his head with deep remorse, "No. " Five years ago, why did it have to be Alana? Life is unpredictable. "But, Emma," Abel said firmly, "as long as you haven't married Adrien, I won't give up on you. " Abel left these words, passed by her and left the platform. Emmeline was shocked by Abel's confidence and coldly laughed, wondering if he thought Alana was irrelevant. "Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!" The triplets chased after him. Abel bent down on the stairs, and hugged the triplets. "Be good, don't make Mummy angry. Back to your mom quickly. " "But Daddy," Sun pouted, "we can't bear to leave you. " "Yeah," Moon held back tears, "we don't want to be with Adrien. " "Yeah, yeah," Star said in a milky voice, "He can't be a good Daddy. " "Triplets!" Emmeline appeared on the stairs. "Get back here!" "But Mummy," Sun turned around and asked, "why can't you choose the Daddy we recognize?" "Yeoh," Moon ond Stor soid together, "we only recognize Abel os our Doddy. " "Do you wont me to breok up with Timothy ond his mother?" Emmeline's eyes olso brimmed with teors. "It's like someone wonts to breok you ond Mummy up?" "But," Sun soid, "Timothy likes you too. He wonts you to be his mom too. " "He's just young ond doesn't understond," Emmeline exploined. "When he grows up ond reolizes the importonce of blood ties, he will choose his biologicol mother, ond I will become the one who broke up his porents

" Applause came from under the stairs. It was Adrien who arrived. His presence had caused everyone to become stunned, especially the triplets

. They reluctantly began to accept the fact that the handsome and charming playboy in front of them was their biological father. They remained silent upon his arrival. Star clung to his toy, burying his head in it as he felt sadness. "Abel, you've said it very well!" Adrien appraised Abel. "Adrien," Abel nodded slightly, brushed past him, and went downstairs. "Wait," Adrien called out to him. Abel turned to him, his deep and piercing eyes meeting Adrien's. "Abel," Adrien said. "I’m grateful to you for saving Emma. " "That's my business, and I don't need your gratitude, nor can it suffice," Abel said coldly. Adrien insisted, "But you used the Ryker funds to save Emma. I only have about seven or eight billion in cash. Please take it as a token of my appreciation. " Abel smiled and took two steps closer to Adrien. "You're mistaken, Adrien," he said. Adrien was puzzled. "Mistaken about what? I don't understand," he asked