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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 325

"I did use the Ryker funds," Abel admitted, "but what I bought was Lizbeth, not Emma. I had put my life on the line to rescue Emma, and she was not bought with the funds. " Adrien was shocked by this revelation. Abel added, "If you want to thank me, you'll have to repay me with your life. So, you can't afford to thank me. " Abel turned around and confidently left. "Emma," Adrien climbed the stairs, "does he know about our situation?" Emmeline returned to the platform and retorted, "Why are you talking so much?" Adrien was confused and asked, "Why am I talkative?" Emmeline replied sharply, "I only said I permitted you to propose. I didn't say we were getting married. When did I mention that?" "I didn't say that," Adrien spread his hands, "I swear to heaven, I just said that if you agreed, I could propose to you. " Emmeline sat on the swing chair, feeling helpless, and said, "Let's forget it. I should have explained it more clearly. " Adrien pushed her onto the swing and said, "Emma, we are the parents of The Triplets. If I propose to you and you agree, wouldn't we be getting married?" Emmeline swung back and forth slowly and replied, "I haven't thought about it yet. I only want to be fair to you by giving you a chance. " Adrien felt wronged and said, "I don't understand what you mean. Why do you have so many requirements?" Emmeline holted the swing with her foot ond swiveled oround to foce Adrien. "Whot I meon is," she soid, "if you propose to me, I will only consider getting engoged first. It will give us on officiol yeor to evoluote eoch other. If you prove yourself quolified for our child ond me, then we con discuss getting morried. This woy, it's foir to oll of us. " Doisy ond Som exchonged glonces ond nodded in ogreement, ocknowledging thot her reosoning wos sound

To him, this was a significant accomplishment. "Okay, I understand," Adrien said while pushing the swing. "You made your decision, and I fully support it

. I promise to pass the probation period with flying colors, and you and the children can rest assured. " Emmeline added, "I hope you will use this year to break your bad habits, learn how to manage and operate, and ensure that we won't go hungry in the future. " Adrien replied confidently, "Absolutely. I will work hard to ensure that you all have a happy and fulfilling life. " Daisy and Sam exchanged a look. Did their young lady forget about the Aldemar Group? Was it necessary to mention that they might go hungry? Daisy reminded Adrien, "Mr. Adrien, you have gained an advantage, but you should have a proper transformation. " Sam added, "If you can't improve, not only will we Ms. Louise not agree, but neither will we. " Adrien nodded in agreement and promised, "I assure you, I will transform myself properly. I swear to the heavens!" Despite feeling heavy-hearted, Emmeline didn't say anything else. "Alright then, I'll go prepare," Adrien whispered to Emmeline happily. "I'll choose a good day to propose to you. " Emmeline nodded as she held onto the swing rope. Adrien tried to contain his excitement and quickly ran downstairs. Abel departed from Nightfall Coffee and headed straight to the Ryker Group, where he called for the meeting that was originally planned for the previous day. The staff responded quickly, and within three minutes, they were all gathered in the meeting room, gasping for breath. Their CEO, Abel, stood tall and immovable like an icy mountain, ready to begin the meeting