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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 326

The vast conference room fell silent as everyone held their breath, afraid to make a sound. You could hear a pin drop and the thumping sound of heartbeats in unison, "thump, thump, thump. " With a cold and ruthless voice, Abel broke the silence and announced the start of the meeting. Everyone quickly took their seats and remained quiet. After an hour, the meeting ended, leaving the female executives in tears and the male executives staring down. Despite the emotional toll, everyone was impressed by Abel's concise and decisive leadership. He had keen insight and proved himself to be a true leader. As the meeting adjourned, Abel swiftly left with a chilly gust of wind, leaving the conference room feeling like it had been granted amnesty. Some people even let out quiet sobs. It was a reminder that earning a high-paying job wasn't easy. The deputy CEO's cold voice rang out, "Go back to your workstations and tidy up your things immediately! Didn't Mr. Abel make that clear enough?" In an instant, everyone dispersed and hurried back to their respective workstations. Meanwhile, Abel returned to his CEO's office, and his secretary, Ms. Plummer, carefully poured him a glass of water. After exiting the room, she closed the door quietly. Abel sat in his chair, remaining silent and motionless like an ice sculpture. The entire office seemed to be enveloped in an icy chill. After a prolonged silence, he began to sift through the pile of documents on his desk, completing one task after another. The sky outside had already turned dark, but he remained engrossed in his work, oblivious to the passage of time. The lights in the office were still on, and no one dared to leave until the CEO did. Ms. Plummer wos curious ond osked Luco, "Whot's wrong with Mr. Abel? He looks like the devil from hell right now!"Living well wos cruciol to her, ond being in o hoppy relotionship mode her feel groteful for every moment of her life. She hod no comploints obout her life ond wos determined to moke the most of it. "Shut up ond get bock to work!" Luco snopped ot her

"Who is this?" The other side tentatively asked, "Is this, Mr. Abel?" He was puzzled. It was the voice of an unfamiliar woman who sounded very nervous

. "Who are you?" "I. ah!" Suddenly, a woman's scream came from the other end. "Help me!" Then the call ended abruptly. Abel held the receiver, and a name suddenly came to his mind: Kendra! Yes, it was her! The last "help me" made him recognize her voice. It was indeed Kendra, the young woman he had brought home last time to take care of his brother. He remembered asking Luca to leave the CEO's office phone number for her. So what had happened that she called for help now, and she sounded like she was in dire straits? His heart tightened, and he quickly put down the receiver and checked the caller ID. Abel recognized her voice and was worried about her safety. He quickly checked the caller ID and tried calling back, but there was no answer. "Help me. help me. " Abel could still hear her desperate screams in his mind. "Luca!" "Mr. Abel!" Luca immediately pushed open the door. "Did you call me?" "Bring people with you and come with me to Brookwater Village. " "To the village?" Luca was confused as to why they were going there. It was pitch black in the town. But Abel had already picked up his suit jacket and rushed out the door. Luca quickly followed him. At the same time, he took out his walkie-talkie and ordered the bodyguards, "Gather immediately in the underground garage and follow Mr. Abel. "