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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 327

Abel repeatedly dialed the number he had jotted down from the landline on his phone but to no avail. The convoy of three cars sped along the road and reached Brookewater village in less than two hours. Darkness enveloped the countryside, with only a handful of streetlights illuminating the main road. The alleyways were even darker, especially in this remote town. The village where Kendra lived was the poorest in the area, with many of its inhabitants having already moved out and settled in other buildings. The remaining households consisted mainly of the elderly, sick, weak, and disabled people. Kendra's house, like many others, was a small and old-fashioned building made of tiles. The bodyguards led the way with their flashlights and quickly located her house. However, when they opened the gate to the courtyard, it was pitch-black inside, and there was no sign of anyone being there. "Ms. Kendra," Luca asked cautiously, "are you inside?" But there was no answer. They entered through the open door and searched for the light switch. Abel attempted to call her number once more. Suddenly, Luca noticed a cell phone ringing on the ground and retrieved it. "Sir, this is Kendra's phone. " Abel nodded, "She was able to call me before something happened. " "We should search for her quickly," Luca urged, "she shouldn't have gone far with her child. " Abel considered, "I hove o feeling thot she moy hove been obducted by someone. " Luco inquired, "Sir, do you think she hos been kidnopped?" "Yes," Abel confirmed. "Should we contoct the police?" Luco osked. "We need to inform Inspector Chorles's office first," Abel directed, "it's o motter concerning o mother ond o child. Pleose notify him. " "Understood, Mr. Abel. " Luco retrieved his phone ond dioled Inspector Chorles's number. Inspector Chorles, who wos obout to sleep, picked up Luco's coll since he held o higher stotus os the chief ossistont of Struyrio's influentiol figure, Abel Ryker. Luco quickly exploined the situotion to him

Please don't worry. " "Thank you, Inspector Charles," Luca expressed his gratitude. "Please update us as soon as they are found

. Mr. Abel is waiting for your good news. " "Got it, Mr. Luca," Inspector Charles reassured, and Luca ended the call. "Our people should not be idle," ordered Abel, "take two people to help with the search. " "Yes, Sir," Luca acknowledged the command, as he was also worried about Kendra and her hungry baby. The next day was a weekend. Early in the morning, Sam opened the glass door and saw a sea of flowers. "Wow!" She exclaimed, "Who did this? Who is so kind-hearted and puts roses in front of our door in the shape of a heart?" She immediately thought of someone. Sure enough, a voice full of laughter came from beside her, "Sam, do you like it?" Adrien appeared soon after with a laugh, admitting to the romantic gesture. "Mr. Adrien," Sam rolled her eyes, "I knew it was you. No one else could have done it. " "Of course, I am romantic and colorful. That's why Emma chose me!" She couldn't help but acknowledge Adrien's colorful personality, which was in stark contrast to Abel's stern demeanor. Calling him a demon from hell was not an exaggeration. "Have Emma woken up?" Adrien adjusted his suit and tie, "Let her see my appearance today, won't it be impressive?" "Haha," Sam teased him, "It is quite impressive, with your oiled hair and powdered face. " "Why would you say so?" Adrien defended himself, "I am the most attractive man in the Struyria, the dream lover of many women. " "Is that so?" She continued to laugh, "I heard that the dream lover of women in the Struyria is Mr. Abel. " "I admitted that Abel is the most popular among the women,” Adrien rolled his eyes unhappily, "Fine. I don’t mind being second to him. "