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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 328

"Sure. " Sam didn't have time to keep chatting with Adrien, "As long as you're happy. I need to clean this place up. What should I do with the flowers?" "Don't touch my flowers. " Adrien exclaimed, "I'm here to propose to Emma. We're going to have a problem if you mess with my flowers!" Sam was surprised. Is Adrien going to propose to Ms. Louise? Isn't that too fast? Sam thought Adrien was here to show off his romance. "I'm heading in to look for Emma. " Adrien held a large bouquet of flowers, and he pointed at the flowers arranged in a heart pattern, "Don't touch that!" "Got it. " Sam added, "I won't mess with the flowers, and I will keep an eye on them. " "That's about right!" Adrien said, "Once Emma says yes, I will give you and Daisy a bonus. " "Pfft. " Sam scoffed. Who cares? However, Sam answered, "Thank you, Mr. Adrien!" Adrien straightened his suit and tie. He held the bouquet as he approached the door. The glass door opened from within. Emmeline came out first. Emmeline wore pajamas. She had a sleeping cap decorated with a little squirrel on it. She appeared to be sleepy, and she had not washed her face yet. "Who is making noise in the morning? You're disturbing my sleep. " "Emma. " Adrien grabbed Emmeline's delicate hands, "I'm here to propose to you. Look at the roses. Do you like it?" Emmeline opened her eyes, and she took a careful look. Isn't it Adrien? Adrien is dressed in o new groy suit, ond his silver tie is neotly in ploce. Adrien looks elegont, with o striking oppeoronce. However, his chorm is typicol of o ployboy. "You con't propose this eorly. This doesn't count!" Emmeline quickly retreoted. "Emmo!" After Adrien entered the door with his flowers, Emmeline doshed to the second floor. Bong! After entering her room ond closing the door, Emmeline leoned ogoinst the door with her heort beoting fost. Doisy wos stortled by the commotion. She quickly picked up o frying pon, ond she left the kitchen

"Ms. Louise. " Daisy approached the bedroom, "If you want to say no, I will go out to shoo him away

. " "No. " Emmeline said, "I may have said it perfunctorily, but he has visited to propose to me. I don't know how to face him, but I can't go back on my words either. Let me be alone for a while. " "Maybe you're regretting it. " Daisy said, "You don't need the alone time. You're not forced to marry him, and there's nothing to fear. It's a matter of a few words. I can say it for you if you're feeling embarrassed. Let me tell him to leave. " "No. " Emmeline shook her head, "I can't go back on my words. I have to be responsible for them. " Daisy was speechless. Yes, Ms. Louise, you're someone with principles. "Let me face Adrien in person. " Emmeline walked to the door, and she spoke to Adrien through the closed door, "Wait downstairs. I will talk to you again after washing my face. " "Alright, Emma. " Adrien was overjoyed. "Let me wait for you downstairs. " "Okay. " Emmeline patted her chest. I have to face it even when I'm nervous. I have to face my challenge. I have chosen this path, so I need to stick to it to the end. Besides, Emmeline was self-sufficient to make herself and her children happy, so whichever man she chose was more of a supporting role. After organizing her thoughts, Emmeline became confident. She walked toward the bathroom. It's Adrien. There's nothing to be afraid of! After preparing herself for the day, Emmeline dressed elegantly, and she made her way downstairs