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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 329

Adrien was dazzled by Emmeline's charm. Oh my. Emma is gorgeous! Adrien thought he was blessed to have such a pretty lady. Of course, the pretty lady did not belong to Adrien yet. However, Adrien thought he was close to getting what he wanted as long as Emmeline agreed to his marriage proposal. "Emma!" Adrien dropped to one knee. Click! The velvet ring box opened. Emmeline lowered her head, and she saw a huge diamond ring inside the box. "Emma, I'm proposing to you. Will you marry me?" "Get up. " Emmeline pulled Adrien up, "It depends on your performance for the upcoming year. " "Is that a yes?" Adrien was overjoyed. "When are we getting engaged?" "You pick the time," said Emmeline. She picked up the freshly brewed coffee Sam made, taking a sniff. It was bitter like Emmeline's mood. However, Emmeline was able to let go of attachments without being burdened by them. It was like this cup of coffee. It smelled bitter, but drinking it gave Emmeline a lot of energy. Adrien cheered wildly. He threw away the flowers, and he embraced Emmeline. After spinning for a while, Adrien finally put Emmeline down. Adrien stuttered a bit as he said, "I'll check the calendar to find the best day to get engaged. " "Okay," Emmeline nodded, "Take it easy. I am not in a hurry. " "I'm too excited. " Adrien wos enchonted os he looked ot Emmeline's beoutiful foce, "I con't woit for our wedding night!" "Be serious!" Emmeline's foce blushed, "I might chonge my mind!" "Alright, olright!" Adrien held his heod, "Emmo, you con't go bock on it!" "Be well-monnered. " Emmeline reprimonded, "This is olso my test for you. " "Got it. " Adrien soid, "I will be going bock now

She stared at the coffee in her hands, and her eyes turned red. Abel, are we becoming strangers in the end? Abel stood at the car park opposite the Nightfall Cafe. Abel saw Adrien walking out of the cafe joyfully, crossing the road to reach his Rolls Royce Wraith

. Abel knew that Adrien had succeeded in his marriage proposal. Then, the rising sun became agitating to Abel's eyes. Abel could not open his eyes because of the glare. Abel returned to his car, and he instructed the chauffeur, "Let's go. " The chauffeur nodded before starting up the Rolls Royce Wraith. After entering the corporate building, Abel emanated a cold air that made everyone uneasy, as if walking on thin ice. Everyone was too nervous even to say hi. After Abel entered the CEO's private elevator, everyone else breathed a sigh of relief. Then, Abel took the elevator to the 89th floor. The secretary at the door watched Abel walk coldly into the CEO's office. Not long after, Abel walked out of the office. The secretary was sharp, noticing that Abel had brought his car key. It seems Mr. Ryker wants to go out on his own. Luca came out of the adjacent assistant room with a cup in his hand. "Mr. Luca. " Ms. Plummer asked softly, "What happened to Mr. Ryker? His face is darkened. " "Are you having too much free time at your job?" Luca reprimanded, "Clean Mr. Ryker's swimming pool on the top floor if you have nothing better to do. " "I'm not free!" Ms. Plummer said hurriedly, "I'm very busy with work. " "Focus on your work!" Luca glanced at her before returning to the room with his cup