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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 330

Abel drove his sports car to the Nightfall Cafe. Sam had cleared up the roses arranged in a heart pattern at the door, but she had not put them away yet. Abel pushed open the glass door. He saw the cafe was filled with vases adorned with roses. "Don't you think having so many roses is tacky?" Abel sneered as he asked Sam. Sam raised her head, and she saw the handsome Mr. Abel, who exuded an intimidating presence. Sam was startled. How did he appear out of nowhere? Luckily, Mr. Adrien has left. Otherwise, if Mr. Abel sees Mr. Adrien proposing to Ms. Louise, who knows what those two gentlemen would do? "Mr. Abel, are you talking about the flowers?" Sam quickly reacted, "I think throwing them away is a waste, so I put the flowers into the vases. " "It's tacky!" Abel asked coldly, "Where's Emma?" Sam pointed upstairs, "Ms. Louise hasn't come down yet. " "Got it. " Abel hurried up the stairs with a folder in his hand. At the stairs, Abel heard Emmeline humming on the platform, and he immediately felt jealous. Emma is overjoyed when Adrien proposes to her! It seems I have overestimated her feelings toward me. What a fickle woman! Emmeline would probably retort in her inner thoughts if she were to hear it, "That's my personality. What can you do about it?" Do I have to cry in front of you when I'm sad? It's on engogement. It's not set in stone. Do I hove to moke o big deol out of it? Abel wolked stroight to the plotform. Emmeline wore on opron, trimming the flowers ond plonts with o pruning sheor. Ultimotely, Abel mode the beoutiful gorden for Emmeline. Since the gorden brought Emmeline joy, Abel wos pleosed. "Emmo

"I'm not that free, and I'm not petty either. I'm here to give you a present. " "That's more like it

. " Emmeline waved her hand, "You can skip the gift. I don't need it. " "It's the gift for your engagement. " Abel said, "Take it as an early wedding gift. " Emmeline felt her heart tighten. It seems Abel isn't sad that I'm having an engagement with Adrien! He even gives me a wedding gift! Haha! Emmeline sneered, and her icy gaze met Abel's eyes. "Mr. Abel, are you that eager for me to get married?" Abel was shocked and speechless. He never had that thought. Abel was devastated to know that Emmeline was engaged to Adrien. However, Abel wasn't a petty person. Abel was willing to give his blessings to Emmeline if that was what made her happy. "Mr. Abel, rest assured. " Emmeline turned her head. She picked up the pruning shear to trim the flowers. "I have told you that I won't bother you. I didn't before, and I won't in the future. Whether I get engaged to Mr. Adrien or not doesn't matter. I won't bother you, so you don't need to wish for me to get married soon. " "Emma…" "Alright, I'm done talking. " Emmeline waved her hand behind her back. Standing there while gazing at Emmeline from behind, Abel felt heartbroken. You're so pretty, but you're cold-hearted. Is your heart made out of stone? How can it be so cold? Emma, do you know how much I want you to bother me? Can you be like what they show on TV? Can you act cutesy, vulnerable, delicate, and loving while you keep bothering me? Let me fall into your charm, devoting myself completely to you