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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 331

In the end, Emmeline expressed a cold and indifferent attitude. "Emma. " Abel said dejectedly, "I'm not here to argue with you. I have visited to give you my blessings. " "Hmph!" Emmeline sneered, "Thanks a lot, Mr. Abel. " A sharp pain struck Emmeline's heart. Abel is cold-hearted. His feelings toward me are non-existent. How can he treat feelings so lightly? I used to be so into you, but I'm done now. Since you have treated me coldly, I will treat you much colder! Emmeline refused to turn around, and she focused on trimming the flowers. Snip. Emmeline trimmed everything off. "This is for you. " Abel handed the folder over, "Take a look. " "I don't need your money. " Snap! The branches fell to the floor. "It's not money. " Abel said as he handed it over, "I thought it's best to give this to you. " Emmeline was puzzled and curious. She moved her gaze from the garden to the folder in Abel's hand. "What's in it?" "Open it and take a look. " Emmeline put down the pruning shear suspiciously. She took the folder, and she opened it. Inside the folder was an agreement to transfer the ownership of a company. "What…" Emmeline raised her head in surprise, "Are you giving me a healthy and operating company?" "Yes. " Abel nodded, and he looked at her intently. "Why? Why should I toke your compony when everything is fine?" "It's becouse of Adrien's mom, Julionno. " Abel odded, "Julionno is moteriolistic, ond I don't wont her to bully you. " "Julionno? Bullying me?" Emmeline loughed, "Is she copoble of doing so?" "Emmo. " Abel soid while looking ot Emmeline, "I know you hove your pride, ond you're independent. Getting morried moy complicote things. The children will eventuolly grow up, ond they need to go to school

Emmeline's cold gaze met Abel's eyes, and she shook her head, "I won't take your company. " "Emma, listen to me. " Emmeline shook her head again, "I appreciate that, but I can't accept your gift

. " Emmeline put the contract back into the folder, and she handed it back to Abel. "Emma, why?" "I don't need it. " Abel had a realization that Emmeline did not need his love. "Never mind. I was being presumptuous. " Abel took the folder. He turned around, and he walked to the stairs. The next moment, Abel's cold and tall figure disappeared from Emmeline's sight. After leaving the cafe, Abel encountered Benjamin, who parked his silver Bentley, in the parking lot. "Mr. Abel?" Benjamin greeted Abel first. "Mr. Benjamin. " Abel nodded, "Are you here to visit Emma?" "Aren't you too?" Benjamin sneered. "Ya. " Abel replied coldly, "Unfortunately, Emma doesn't appreciate my presence. " ". " Benjamin squinted, "Is Emma getting engaged with Benjamin?" "Yes. " Abel nodded, "Emma seems happy too. " "Haha. " Benjamin smiled. Benjamin was keenly aware of Ms. Louise's temperament. Emmeline would not discount herself for Abel. However, in Abel's eyes, Emmeline was overjoyed to be engaged with Adrien. "Let me check up on Emma," Benjamin spoke. "I advise you not to go. " Abel said, "As a fellow lost soul, why don't we go for a drink instead?"