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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 332

"Oh, grabbing a drink? That sounds good to me. " Benjamin glanced at the cafe opposite the road. Benjamin learned from Sam's phone call that Emmeline said yes to Adrien's marriage proposal, and Emmeline could be sad. However, the current situation seemed like Benjamin was overthinking it. "Sure. " Benjamin added, "Where to?" "How about the Imperial Palace?" Abel smiled. "Imperial Palace it is. " Benjamin nodded. Two cars drove out of the parking lot one after the other. They headed toward the Imperial Palace. After half an hour, Abel and Benjamin sat in a private room in Section A. "Do you remember the 265 million bid in the auction?" Abel continued, "I will transfer the amount in a couple of days. " "It's fine. " Benjamin said, "It's all for the sake of Emma. " "However, that money saves Lizbeth in the end. " Abel added, "Moreover, the Murphy family thanked me. Let me return the 265 million. " "It's up to you. " Benjamin no longer refused. Benjamin originally thought of using his money to repay the 265 million to Adelmar Group's account in installments. It would save Benjamin some trouble if Abel transferred the amount. "You don't look sad after knowing Emma is engaged. " Abel glanced at Benjamin. "I'm only left with worries and blessings. " Benjamin said, "I'm not the one to decide for Emma. " Abel nodded in agreement. What Benjamin said made sense. "How obout you?" Benjomin leoned forword, ond he looked ot Abel with his storry eyes, "You seem sod. " "Ho. " Abel smiled bitterly, "Even you con tell I'm sod, but for someone else…" Benjomin odded, "We men understond eoch other with o single glonce. " "I'm hoppy os long os Emmo is hoppy. " Abel roised his cup, ond he took o sip. His foce wos filled with sorrow. "Emmo isn't hoppy

" Abel continued, "Alana is left with ramifications, which troubles me. " "Who told you that Alana's condition is severe?" "Dr. Anderson

. " Abel furrowed his brows, "Why do you ask?" "It's my kind reminder. " Benjamin said, "Get another doctor to perform a medical check-up. Maybe that will give you a surprise. " Abel was stunned. There was a hint of doubt in his tone. "Mr. Benjamin, you seem to know something. " "Not really. " Benjamin smiled, "It's a random guess. " Abel did not say a word, but he took Benjamin's reminder into careful consideration. Abel agreed to have another doctor carry out a medical check-up for Alana. Alana is manipulative… "That's it for me today. " Abel stood up. Abel only took a sip of his drink. "Alright. " Benjamin smiled, "I have my chauffeur, so it's fine for me to get drunk alone. " "Take care. " Abel grabbed his suit before leaving the private room. 20 minutes later, Abel arrived at the hospital director's office at the Ryker Hospital "Do you know the details of Alana's injury?" "Mr. Abel. " The hospital director replied, "Quentin is mainly in charge of Alana. I'll call him for you right away. " Wait. " Abel continued, "I don't need to consult with Quentin. " "Mr. Abel, what do you mean…" "Get someone else to perform a medical check-up for Alana. " "Do you want another doctor with another medical check-up?" The hospital director did not understand Abel's reason, but he did not dare to ask. "Got it, Mr. Abel. I will arrange for it accordingly. "