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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 333

"Wait. " Abel said, "Don't let Quentin find out about it, and I don't want to raise Alana's suspicion. Tell her it's a routine check-up. " "Got it, Mr. Abel. " The hospital director added, "I will attend to this matter personally. " "That's great. " Abel sat on a chair, "I shall wait for the results here. " "Alright, Mr. Abel. " The hospital director hurried off with a solemn expression. The hospital director returned swiftly in 40 minutes. The hospital director held a stack of X-rays and reports. He placed them on the table in front of Abel. "What did you find out?" Abel said in a deep voice. The hospital director was shocked. He said in a pleading voice, "Mr. Abel, it's my negligence. I didn't know Quentin had fabricated the medical reports. " Abel stood up, and his eyebrows furrowed in anger. "What did you say? Is it true that Alana's medical report is fabricated?" "Yes. " The hospital director said, "The medical check-up reveals that Alana is fine. " Abel took a deep breath, "What about the ramifications of Alana's injury?" "The bullet did not penetrate the lungs. " The hospital director added, "Neither of the shots hurt Alana's vital organs. " "Quentin's medical reports say differently. " "This is my fault. " The hospital director cried, "I didn't do a good job of supervising. Mr. Abel, please spare me!" Abel replied, "Don't worry obout it

He is my attending physician!" The hospital director replied, "Quentin is in a meeting. He has entrusted me to this task. " Did Quentin speak with the hospital director? Even though Alana was suspicious about it, Alana had calmed down

. Before the medical check-up was over, Alana saw the hospital director's face darkened. The darkened face revealed the hospital director's fuming anger. Then, Alana realized something was wrong. As Alana was about to call Quentin, the hospital room's door was pushed open harshly. Abel showed up coldly at the door. "Ah!" Alana jolted, "Mr. Abel, why… why are you here?" Smack! Abel threw the medical report before Alana, "Tell me what's going on here?' Alana's face paled, "What's going on?" "How dare you lie to me?" Abel grabbed Alana by the collar. "You must have a death wish!" Alana realized that Abel had found out the truth about her injuries. Alana was stupefied. However, Alana knew she had to compose herself to fix things up. Otherwise, she would be in big trouble. No one had survived after deceiving Abel. There were no exceptions. Abel was well-known as the devil from hell. "Mr. Abel, please listen to me. " Alana held Abel's hand, "I have my reasons. " Thud! Abel threw Alana onto the floor, "How else do you plan to lie?" "I understand you're mad because I lied to you. " Alana cried on the ground, "I didn't have a choice. I didn't want you to leave, and that's the only way to keep you around me!" "You're a vile woman!" Abel said in disgust, "There's no way you can keep me around by doing that. You're merely courting death!" "Mr. Abel. " Alana crawled over, holding Abel's leg, "I beg for your mercy. I don't want to lose you. I don't want Emmeline to take you away from me!" "Go away!" Abel kicked Alana away and snarled, "Our engagement is canceled from now on. Don't dream of it anymore!"