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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 335

Emmeline ended the phone call. She put away her phone, and she kicked Alana. "You heard that, you nasty woman?" Emmeline sneered. "Adrien and I are getting engaged tomorrow. You're all bark and no bite. Why don't you get engaged with Abel?" Alana heard what Emmeline said, but she could not retort. Alana could not do anything about it. She had no way to be engaged with Abel because Abel had called off the engagement. Sob. Alana cried on the ground. Emmeline had Mr. Adrien no matter what. What about Alana? Abel kicked Alana away like a soccer ball. "Sob, why is this happening to me…" "Emma. " Janie's voice sounded in the crowd, "Emma, follow me right away!" Emmeline looked over, and she saw Janie, "What's wrong? You look like you're in a panic. " "It's related to Mr. Benjamin. " Janie walked over to hold Emmeline's wrist, "Mr. Benjamin is drunk. He keeps calling your name. Can you check on him?" "Why did he drink so much?" Emmeline frowned. "Who was he drinking with?" "Let's forget about that now. " Janie said, "He is smashing things in the office. No one can stop him. " Emmeline had no choice but to change out of her costume quickly. Mr. Faughn heard the urgent matter was related to Mr. Benjamin, and he dared not stop Emmeline. Instead, Mr. Faughn urged Emmeline to hurry up and go. "Hurry up. The filming is not as important as Mr. Benjamin. " "Alright. " Emmeline grabbed her motorcycle key, "I'll make up for today's shooting another day

However, Eric gave it a few thoughts, and he realized that he shouldn't disclose that. Then, he swallowed the fact down his throat. The secretary and several Deputy CEOs saw Emmeline

. They quickly stood aside. Ethan approached Emmeline. "Emma, you're finally here. Hurry up to check on Mr. Benjamin. Something is wrong. " "Got it. " Emmeline nodded, "You all can go now. " The secretary and several Deputy CEOs were relieved, and they ran away immediately. No one dared to speak to Mr. Benjamin, who had gone crazy. Everyone was scolded. Anyone, who continued to try to dissuade Benjamin, would probably end up getting beaten. Emmeline entered the CEO's office, and she closed the door. Benjamin, who was throwing things like a madman, caught a glimpse of a blurry but familiar figure. Benjamin squinted his hazy eyes. "Emma?" Benjamin stumbled a few steps forward, "Is it you, Emma?" "Why did you drink so much?" Emmeline scolded, "I've never seen you lose yourself like this!" "I'm right. You're Emma!" Benjamin rushed over, and he hugged Emmeline tightly, "Emma, you're finally here. I don't want to see anyone else but you. I won't listen to anyone else but you!" "Benjamin. " Emmeline pushed Benjamin, "You drank too much. Let me go. " "Emma. " Tears welled up in Benjamin's eyes, "I'm not drunk. I've never been this clear-headed. I have so many things to say to you. Emma, can you listen to me?" "Yes. " Emmeline nodded in Benjamin's embrace, "I'm listening, but you have to let go of me. " "No. " Benjamin shook his head, "If I let you go, you will leave me again. I won't be able to bring you back to me. "