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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 336

"Benjamin, you're drunk. " Emmeline frowned, "Let go of me. I will grab you some water. " "No. " Benjamin hugged Emmeline tightly, "Let me hold you like this. Do you know how much I wanted to hug you? I've always lacked the courage to do so. Emma…" Benjamin's sobbing voice and words surprised Emmeline. Emmeline knew Benjamin liked her. Supposedly, it was a mild and warm sibling affection. Emmeline never expected Benjamin's affection had gone from simple liking to deep, repressed love. "Emma, I regretted it so much. " Benjamin wailed as he hugged Emmeline, "When we were on Reykjavík Island beside Master Adelmar, I fell in love with you. Why didn't I have the courage to pursue you?" "I always thought we would live together every day, and our relationship would never change. However, things have changed since we are at Struyria. Emma, I wish we could go back to the days when we were at Reykjavík Island…" 'That's not going to happen. " Tears streamed down Emmeline's face, "Since Hesperus got sick, things are already set-in-stone. I have to find that person…" If Hesperus weren't diagnosed with a blood disease, Emmeline would not have brought the children back to Struyria. Emmeline wished to stay forever in that blissful land with Master Adelmar, Waylon, and Benjamin. It would be a simple and fulfilling life. Fote ployed tricks on them. Things would not return to whot they used to be no motter whot wos soid. "Emmo. " Benjomin held Emmeline's foce, "You don't like Adrien, but why ore you morrying him?" Emmeline lowered her eyes ond whispered, "Adrien is the children's fother. I don't wont to deprive the children of the right to be with their fother. " "I con be o good fother too. " Benjomin cried, "Who do you trust more thon me?" "However…" Emmeline shook her heod, "This is different. " "Emmo. " Benjomin's teors fell to the floor, "Even if you morry Abel, I won't be so heortbroken

" Emmeline shook her head, "I have always treated you like a family, as an elder brother. " Benjamin took a step back. He leaned on the desk, covering his head in pain

. After a while, Benjamin said hoarsely, "Sorry, Emma. I couldn't control myself. Please don't be mad at me. " "Let's go to Nightfall Cafe. " Emmeline added, "I will get you a hangover remedy. You will fetch me to be engaged with Adrien tomorrow morning!" ". " Benjamin looked at Emmeline with watery eyes. "Have you made up your mind already?" "It's not a big deal. " Benjamin nodded bitterly, "Alright, Ms. Louise. " "Let's go. " Emmeline reached out her hand to Benjamin, wanting to help him out. "Emma. " Benjamin blurted, "Don't you want to let Master Adelmar know? This is an important event in your life. " "Don't tell our master yet. " Emmeline replied, "I'm not confident if Adrien will ultimately be worthy of my trust. " "Alright. Let's see how Adrien performs. " Benjamin pushed away Emmeline's hands, 'You don't have to help me. I'm fine. " "You're not walking straight. " Emmeline insisted on holding onto Benjamin's arm. Emmeline and Benjamin left through the CEO's office door. They entered the private elevator under everyone's surprised stare