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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 337

It was the CEO's office of the Ryker Group. Abel sat in front of the office desk. Alana was fine, so Abel did not need to worry about treating her. Abel's immediate problem was Emmeline had agreed to Adrien's marriage proposal! Abel would not want to lose Emmeline like that. Even though there were unresolved issues between Abel and Emmeline, Abel believed that things would eventually be resolved over time. Abel picked up his phone to call Emmeline, wanting to ask Emmeline to reject Adrien's marriage proposal. When Abel unlocked his phone, the breaking news left him completely stunned. Adrien announced the news of his engagement on the internet. The engagement with Emmeline was scheduled to take place tomorrow in the banquet hall of the Nimbus Hotel! The matter was already set-in-stone! Abel's phone dropped on the office desk. Thud! Emma, how can you be so heartless? Can't you give us some time? Or perhaps, you don't love me? "Emma…" The sky went dark. Abel sat in the CEO's office, emanating a cold air like an iceberg. The employees were anxious, like treading on thin ice. At 8. 00 pm, Luca mustered the courage to ask, "Mr. Abel, can they leave work now?" "Yes. " Abel waved his hand without batting an eye, "Everyone may go now. " Luca realized Mr. Abel had a darkened face. Luca noticed the chill air around Mr. Abel, but he dared not say anything. He sow the news of the engogement between Emmeline ond Adrien tomorrow. Luco wos owore thot Mr. Abel wos heortbroken. Luco quietly bocked out, ond he gently closed the door behind him. "Whot's the situotion now, Mr. Luco? Con we leove the office?" Everyone gothered to osk softly. Luco woved his hond dejectedly, "You con oll heod out now. Stoying here won't solve the problem. " The rest of the people left. For them, the CEO's heortbreok wos for less importont thon going home to their children ond their wives. The night grew dorker. Abel remoined seoted behind the office desk. Luco poured Abel two glosses of woter. They were cooled down before being reploced. However, Abel did not toke o sip. Abel hod seemingly turned into o fossil. Abel's feotures were shorp

00 pm. Abel stayed in the CEO's office. Luca and the bodyguards were starving

. Luca had his subordinate order the meals, including one for Abel. The delivery arrived at 20 minutes. One of the bodyguards headed down the building to collect the meal. Not long after, the delivery had arrived. Luca quickly sent Abel's portion first. Luca checked the water cup while he was at it. The cup had turned cold while it remained filled. "Mr. Abel," Luca couldn't take it anymore, "You can't go on like this. If you continue to neglect your health, everything will be over. " ". " Mr. Abel remained silent. "Mr. Abel…" "Get out. " Abel blurted those words coldly. Luca did not know what to say. Luca didn't dare to say anything more, so he placed the food delivery in front of Abel before leaving the room. The aroma of the food entered Abel's nose, causing him to sneeze twice. Abel had the urge to cry. After five years of grueling training overseas, involving blood and sweat, Abel had never shed a tear. What was wrong with Abel now? "Emma…" Abel muttered without thinking. Ring! The phone on the office desk rang loudly. Abel did not want to pick up the phone. However, the phone kept ringing, making him even more agitated. Without raising his head, Abel reached out and answered the phone in a hoarse voice, "Hello, who is it?" "Mr. Abel, is it you?" Abel shuddered, and he immediately sat straight. It was Kendra's voice coming through the phone. Abel knew something terrible happened to Kendra, and the situation did not look good. However, there were no updates from Abel's bodyguards and Inspector Charles about Kendra. "Ms. Kendra?" Abel asked hurriedly, "Is that you?"