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Quadruplets Unite: Mother's Words Are Law

Chapter 338

“It’s me, Mr. Abel, I beg you to save me and my child, oh my god…” “What’s going on?” Abel was very anxious, “I could not reach you last time. Where are you right now?” “My daughter and I were kidnapped,” Kendra cried out, “They found out about the person who has bought the child, and they are going to silence me forever…” “Tell me, where are you now?” A monotonous sound came as a reply. The line was dead now. A film of cold sweat formed on Abel’s skin. What kind of vile person would kidnap a woman as poor as Kendra? Once they sold the child, they would kill Kendra! What kind of secret was Kendra hiding to the point that she was a target by some scheming people? Abel quickly put down his phone and checked the origin of that phone number just now. It was just an ordinary number. “Luca!” Abel shouted. “Yes, Mr. Abel!” Luca appeared in front of Abel in no time. He saw that Abel was no longer seated. His handsome face was now covered in sweat. It made him think that maybe Abel would pass out because of starvation. “Mr. Abel…” However, Abel shoved a memo to him. Luca took that memo, feeling a little puzzled, and saw a string of phone numbers written on it. “Contact the base station now! You need to pinpoint the caller by using this number!” “Roger, Mr. Abel. ” Luca did not venture further into this topic. He had a feeling that it must have something to do with Kendra. He immediately called the base station while clutching the memo. In just five minutes, he obtoined the geogrophicol locotion of the coller. “Mr. Abel,” Luco ron bock to the CEO’s office, “The coller colled from Brookwoter Villoge. It’s o reservoir guord stotion. ” “Gother everyone now. We will go there now!” After more thon two hours, two off-rood vehicles orrived ot o reservoir which wos locoted in o secluded port of Brookwoter Villoge. From ofor, they could spot o guord stotion thot resembled o hut mode of stones, ond it wos locoted next to the mossive dom. They reckoned thot it must be the guord stotion. Abel instructed the driver, “Turn off the heodlights. We need to get neor without being conspicuous

Bodyguards poured out of it and they were loading bullets into their weapons. They stealthily followed Abel’s footsteps. They stopped short just a few feet away from the station

. They squatted among the bushes to hide themselves. There was a crying sound of a baby coming from the station. “Mr. Abel,” Luca whispered, “It seems that Kendra and the girl are in there. ” “Two of you, go,” Abel ordered, “Go check things out. ” “Roger. ” Luca waved his hand and a bodyguard stepped forward. The two of them traversed toward the station without making any sound. In no time, Luca and that bodyguard returned. “It’s confirmed that Kendra and the girl are in there,” Luca reported, “There are two men who are drinking away in there as well. ” Abel bellowed, “Make sure not to kill anyone. Go!” Luca sauntered into the compound of the station while holding a gun. He made sure not to make any noise. Two bodyguards flanked him and positioned themselves next to two windows. They aimed their guns at the kidnappers in there. Luca kicked the wooden door hard to force it to open. He roared, “Stop moving!” Before those kidnappers could react, two bullets had already hit them in their wrists. Two loud bangs echoed in the small space. “Oh my god!” “Spare me!” The two kidnappers immediately kneeled down on the ground. Luca rushed in and ordered his two men to tie those guys up. Finally, Abel made his appearance. “Mr. Abel!” Kendra immediately came over to him with her daughter in her embrace. Abel opened his arms and caught the mother-and-daughter duo who were all shaken up. “What happened?” He asked, “Why did those guys kidnap you?” “Let’s run now. We can’t talk here,” Kendra answered hastily, “There are still two more bad guys here, and they are going to return soon…”